Stars at Hogwarts

what would happen if movie stars went to went to hogrwarts? ( this was inspired by many other fanfics) a Story of Magic, Music, Friendships, Frenmies, and Bitter/Sweet Breack up and Make ups
ps. Athors note
oh and dont get confused by the ages itsan altornite universe fanfic wich explans the ages being so diffrent


3. Whats the Hold up?

Lilly's Pov

by this time another girl named Naomi Swift ( Taylors Twin Sister) walked in and after swift intros sat to join us. we sit in the train at the staition, chating for around ten min. when Molly specks up " hey why havnt we left yet?" im curius to to tell you the truth.but im distraced because we all here we here a lound moan, and taunting.  molly looks paniked so I poke my head out to see whats up


Harrys Pov

Oh gosh not again. 

Lillys Pov

I see two kids taunting a young boy in are year, who greatly resmbles molly. so i do the sesable thing any kid would to, Open the door of the car walk out, slam it behind me , and yell " HEY  whats the hold up?"  the two kids spin around, recanise me, drop the poor kid, and walk over. " Lilly Pattenson, im guessing?" i give a nod. the main boy says " Im Justian, Justain Bebir ( A/N i cant spell lol) this is Rebcca Black ( A/N I dont have anthing agenst her but i need someone who some people dont like)" " you already know my name" i reply he smiles " why dont we get togther some time, i can teach you the people you should hang with and those you shouldent( A/N any true Harry Potter fan should no were this i going)" he adds gustring to the other boy who lay colapsed on the ground. " I can decied on my own thanks" i say  he sneers, then they leave after rebeca shoves he heel in to the poor boys chest. i swiftly walk over to him ang kneel down beside him, " you ok?" i ask softly " fine" he chokes i notcie he has a black eye i stand up and offer him my hand, he takes it and i pull him up " im harry styles" he says" are you related to Molly?" " Shes my twin" " well she siting with us, you can join us" " thanks" he says smiling gratefully.

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