Stars at Hogwarts

what would happen if movie stars went to went to hogrwarts? ( this was inspired by many other fanfics) a Story of Magic, Music, Friendships, Frenmies, and Bitter/Sweet Breack up and Make ups
ps. Athors note
oh and dont get confused by the ages itsan altornite universe fanfic wich explans the ages being so diffrent


4. The Turn of Others

Laurens Pov

so after the door slams shut behind her and we here her yell somthing in adiuble.  i take a look around the train car.i see Taylor braiding Naomis hair, Molly reading a spell book, and August fliping through  Quddicth Through The Ages.  by lilly spot i see her famus owl, Music and an upside down copy of the Quibbler. not much convrseation went on whille Lilly was gone.  the door opens wide, Lilly walks in with a boy, a kinda cute boy who has a bit of a limb, and a black eye was visable. Augest calls to Lilly " Hey, Why'd ya beat up the poor kid" Lilly smiles and calls back teasingly  " ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why do you care you liiiiiike him?" Molly stands up and helps him to a open place. i can see the resmbleans and August's green eyed monster look aimed at her. harry quickly passes out and Molly says " guys this is my brother harry" August looks very relived.


Augusts Pov

" ok that harry is kinda cute, and seems nice" i think to myself. molly whispers " what happend to him?" Lilly tells her story, when she finshes she adds " he seemed nice, but its hard to tell when someones half contus  and those lidiot kids, Justain and Rebecca were picking on him." i see a wisp of an emotion i cant read pass across her face. soon the trolly comes 'round. we all get choclute frogs. we got some pretty cool cards I got Dumbuldor, Lilly got her dad she looked anoyed " number ten" she mumbled, Lauren got her uncle joe jonas she looked pretty pleased, Molly got Harry Potter " lucky" everyone said, Naomi got Taylor Lotner sheup  sighed dreamly, and taylor got Hermine Granger. me and lilly ended up swiching since she need a Dumbledor and I need a Robert Pattison.  molly got harry one. He woke up soon after when the door slamed open " Whats with the slaming today? cant anyone get her beauty sleep" i say good nauturedly puting my hand on my hip. everyone laughed. i smiled. a group of for young boys, none as cute as harry stood in the door way. they interduced them selfs Liam,Louis,Zayn,and Naill. Lilly looked at Liam and asked " whats up?"  he said not taking his eyes off  her " we will be there soon he ( gustering to harry) can come with us so he can change robes" Lilly said " ok, hey guys a little help" she added guesting to Lauren and I. us three help him up. They walk away but not before Liam kiss's Lillys hand and says " Im guessing your Lilly" and Niall winks at Lauren. after the door slams Lauren and i yell at the same time " I call ( she says Niall) Harry" Naomi Smiles " who need boys? right Lilly?" Lilly just blushes. Naomi says " I guess imalone then" we laugh then with out a sound change into are robes and stay that way the rest of the ride untill the casle comes into veiw.




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