Stars at Hogwarts

what would happen if movie stars went to went to hogrwarts? ( this was inspired by many other fanfics) a Story of Magic, Music, Friendships, Frenmies, and Bitter/Sweet Breack up and Make ups
ps. Athors note
oh and dont get confused by the ages itsan altornite universe fanfic wich explans the ages being so diffrent


5. The Loyal, The Smart, The Cunning, and The Brave

Naomi's Pov

the train arrives at hogwarts snaping me out of my thoughts the casle was stunning of  corse but I kept think about how snocked Taylor and I were when our letters came, no one in our family were wizards, yet we are? are there anymore like us? yes im guessing.  My thoughts were intureuped again when  I felt a ruff tap on my sholder, Lilly, August, and Lauren were standing there when i relized I hadnt left the train yet. " Come on slow poke we've probly missed the boats by now" August says " you guys didnt have to wait for me you know," I say. " Look guys we didnt miss the boats,"  Lilly Says" Trust us" Lauren added. " Lets go," August Impaintly adds as we walk out together


(  Athors Note: Im continueing were i left off sorry ive been inactive)

Liam's Pov

Niall and I were both lost in thought,  on the boats. five of us sat together  Naill to my left, Harry next to him whose black eye is still visable,Zayn, then Louis.  we all stare at the casle in awe, a pureblood or not ive never seen the Hogwarts in person.


Lillys Pov

the four of us get in a boat the last one,I smile " told you we wouldnt miss it"  we all look at the casle in awe, doing many things a pureblood as well never seen the calse in person. August says to Lauren " so your dads the head master and your uncles the head of slythren?" Lauren replies " yeah but they treat me the same as everyone else"  " Surrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" says August laughing.   Naomi's speacks up  " we're here" we get out of the boat, we see Taylor and Molly talking to another girl smiling, i see Justian and Rebecca tanting somother kid, im about to go over when Emma Watson comes out, "my Names Profcer Watson, come with me your about to get sorted"


Harrys Pov

we walk in to a stunning dinning room, the great hall some called it, my hands are sligtly shaky as I see the crowed of people


Lillys Pov

weres proffcer jonas? i think as Naomi askes " Hey Lauren weres your dad?" before she awnsers the sorting hat starts to sing socking the muggle borns who wernt expeting, Naomis reactions priceless.

Welcome! Welcome!

Would you look at that?

its just me the sorting hat!

The truest test youll have to take

one that will decide your fate

Now we shall speprate

The Loyal,The Kind

Shall be The Hufflepuff

while the Smart and Witty shall belong in ravenclaw

The Brave,The Strong will be placed here,Griffendor

while the pure,the cunning go to Slythren

dont be afrid heres your fate, time to face it   ( Athors note: i just made that up on the spot)


Naomi Swift they called first, Ravenclaw


 August Panye Ravenclaw

Lauren Jonas Ravenclaw

and so on,

Taylor Swift, Hufflepuff

Molly Styles Ravenclaw

The Five boys from the Train got Ravenclaw

Rebecca Black, Slytheren, not to my surpirse, Justain got it as well

there were a few more then it was my turn





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