Stars at Hogwarts

what would happen if movie stars went to went to hogrwarts? ( this was inspired by many other fanfics) a Story of Magic, Music, Friendships, Frenmies, and Bitter/Sweet Breack up and Make ups
ps. Athors note
oh and dont get confused by the ages itsan altornite universe fanfic wich explans the ages being so diffrent


1. The Letter

Athors Note this fanfic has 1d and other populor stars ( and mabye a few new people) oh yeah there all 11 now( untill 2nd year...)

heres Chapter 1:

Taylor Swifts Pov

earily on a  morning in the late summer, I see a tawny colored bird with large talions

fly past my window this bird is an owl, i think and it seems to be holding somthing in its claws. no its probly nothing, its ealiry and an 11 year old dosent think of silly things like that, an owl in Londan, eailry? thats un real, i thought untill it flew though the window with the letter it was adressed to me so i opend it

Dear Ms. Taylor Swift,

you have been acpeted to Hogwarts school of wicthcraft and wizerdry,

you need

book of spells year one by Rupert Grunt

Defence agenst the dark arts year on by Proffcer Joe Jonas

Herbolgy year one by Proffcer Taylor Lotner

the list went on with more books to get, robes potions and all that

then i sall

one wand, and you may bring an owl,toad,or cat if you so desire

1rst years no broom sticks


Nick Jonas

Emma Watsion, Head of Gryffindor

Taylor Lotner, Head of Ravenclaw

Robert Pattenson, Head of Hufflepuff

Joe Jonas, Head Of Syltren


Lilly Pattensons POV

yeah, yeah my dads important to muggles and wizerds a like, head of hufflepuff wopededo! lets hope this year, my first a hogwarts wont be misrable.

Liam Payne Pov

Finally my letters here! ive been waiting 11 years for this!


Harry Styles

Ok i better not be dreaming? a borading school? magic? this is isnaine!

Athors Note

those are just some of hogwarts newest students, comment and tell me what you think of my 1rst chapter

i will update offen







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