Stars at Hogwarts

what would happen if movie stars went to went to hogrwarts? ( this was inspired by many other fanfics) a Story of Magic, Music, Friendships, Frenmies, and Bitter/Sweet Breack up and Make ups
ps. Athors note
oh and dont get confused by the ages itsan altornite universe fanfic wich explans the ages being so diffrent


2. End of summer and The Train

Naill , Louis, And Zanyn's  Pov

we all get are letters at the same time,    ( they live next door to eachother) a little later then normal, thats what are older sibblings said anyway only three more days till we  need to chatch the train

August Payne's Pov

yes im liams payne twin sister,  and we are nothing a like expet are hair color a chesnut brown. but mine is short and wavy. we both love Quidditch but sadly no 1rst years can bring brooms , such a same. i think as my brother and  I walk to plat form 9 3/4 


Lilly Pattensons Pov

I climb abord the train after insisting thats the way i would take to school, My dad or Proffesser Pattenson tryed to get me to take the teachers way to school. uggh i hope that people dont be my friend so the can get favors again its always "Lilly can you get me a sneack peack of your dads new movie" or " can i have his atograph" or whatever it gets on your nevers after a wile. I wave out the window to no one ( A/N  yes she has a mom but shes not there.. you'll find out later) and go look for an empty car. i see a car with two girl in it i open the door a crack and peek my head in " can i sit here?" " sure" replied the girls who seemed to be in the same year as me i sit down, put my trunk above the seat, i take the cage with my snowy owl, Music in it and place it on the seat next to me. They stare for a second, I guess they are relizing who I am. its not hard to tell with my short brown hair,my blue eyes that people can never stare at to long ( A/N that may be a refrence to a warrior cats book lol... i was reading one eailer and the cat on the cover had very deep blue eyes :)), my hair with a blue streck, and my owl. ive been places with my dad and on muggle news shows too.  " your Lilly, Lilly Pattenson" stammered one of them i just relize the train haddent started moving yet but repily swiftly " Yes, yes i am and who mite you be?" " Lauren, Lauren Jonas" said the girl who had asked me my name she had  hazel eyes, and blond hair. " I'm Augst Payne"  said the other girl. two more girls walk in is there anymore room we cant find anywere else " yep come on in, im Lilly" " Lilly Pattenson?, long time no see rember me?" said one girl i think then rember " Taylor Swift, Its been like forever" "im Lauen, Lauren Jonas" " August Payne" the girls i already met said. "Im Molly Styles " said the last girl

Mabye this year won't be so bad...

Athors Note

Let me Know what you guys think!


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