Louis and Harry deny they are gay, but is it all completely true? When Larry comes to managements attention, they attempt to bring someone more 'special' into Louis's life but at what costs?

*Mature content in future chapters do NOT say didn't warn you*


1. 'Just A Small Chat'

It was a cool morning, standing outside of the Modest building. They wanted a meeting with me. Im not sure why, but it could be anything. I took a couple of steps inside to be greeted by an older woman with a concerned look on her face. "Come with me please Lowis" I scrunched up my nose. "Its prononced Louee actually." She did not respond to me right away. Okay now I feel worried. Maybe just a little but no. The whole ride up the elevator was very awkward with no exchange of glances at all. I played with my thumbs.

We reached the office finally. It was very large , with a desk up at the front. I was actually expecting some guy in a suit to spin around from the chair. With a smile saying something like 'I've been expecting you' you know like they do in the films?
I actually wanted to laugh at that thought, but I contained myself. The scilence broke.
"Louis , this is nothing bad, or to worry about" she actually almost smiled, bless the old thing. "Okay thank god."I said under my breath.
"However! We have noticed your ... behavior." I stood there puzzled. I didnt have to say anything the look on my face explained it all "my-my behavior?" I questioned. "Yes, actually, your behavior around a certain member in the band. Harry? Yes him. It seems like ... well never mind that. You know as we really all know, you cannot be ... um how do i put this in words?" She asked.
"Are you sudgesting , you think somethings going on with me - and harry?" I finished for her.
She hesitated , but then nodded afterwards.
I was surprised. He is my best friend, but maybe I can be a little touch , but we joke! "But we're just frie-"

She cut me off. "Ive heard this All the time from bands. We're not saying you are, but we don't want people to not get the wrong idea."
"Sooo what do you want me to do?" I was surprised.
"Actually i'm glad you asked." She looked down at her phone, then walked towards the door. She reached for the knob and opened it. In walked a girl. "Introduce yourself dear!" she said with a small smile in her face.
"Hi I'm Eleanor."
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