Louis and Harry deny they are gay, but is it all completely true? When Larry comes to managements attention, they attempt to bring someone more 'special' into Louis's life but at what costs?

*Mature content in future chapters do NOT say didn't warn you*


3. Company

    Her hand felt quite soft to me. Very warm, pleasant to touch. I couldn't stop but think about it. Then I remember the attitude she had given me earlier, causing me to roll my eyes. I did NOT want to do this! We walked through the door. There was Zayn sitting on his bed "Hey Lou . . . ." a small smirk came across his face. So mind telling me who this is?
"Well her name is-"
"Hi I'm Eleanor" She said beaming. 
"Oh hi Eleanor... so is she ..." he began.
"She's my-"
"I'm his girlfriend!" she said.
"Yes, but could you PLEASE let me finish a sentence?"  I- as you could tell was very annoyed. 
Zayn played with his thumbs, then finally broke the awkward silence that was created. "Well , I'm going to ... go ..."
I couldn't blame him, I wanted to leave too. What I really wanted to do was find Harry. He is of course, my best my best friend. Honestly I don't really like our management at time, they are way to over protective and need to respect our privacy at times. We absolutely NEVER seem to please them because they will always set another task on to us. The Larry things being the latest thing they've gotten after. They absolutely FREAKED out when Liam shaved his hair off. Poor boy! He was going through a tough time, I don't blame him. I mean it'll grow back eventually.

If I was going to make this work, I'll have to start by making good with Eleanor. "So El, mind me calling you that? Well I'm going to do it anyways. We seem so have started off wrong. Let me make it up to you by taking you out to eat later tonight. She raised her eyebrows. "I suppose. I haven't been in the best mood at all today." She sighed.
Later that evening I drove over to where she was staying at. I texted her telling her I was outside, as I look at my mentions on Twitter again.


"@Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles r u guys ok? I mean it's ok if Eleanor is a beard. I mean eveyone knows larry is real bitches omg"

"@Louis_ Tomlinson and @EleanorJCalder and Louis today! :D xx"

"@Louis_Tomlinson we all knoe ur thinkin about harry"

"@Louis Tomlinson how could u?"

"I'm happy for @Louis_Tomlinson and his gf ok hop off their dick"

The mentions were endless, and then the car door opened. I put my phone down and looked up. I couldn't help but smile. She did look very pretty. "So, what type of music do you like?" I asked trying to break the ice. "Any kind I guess. I'm not very picky." So that was that and I turned on the radio.
That was about the only conversation we had throughout the whole car ride. 
At last we were seated at the restaurant and placed my phone on to the table and looked over to see a message from Harry
'Hey there sexy ... heard u got a girl and didnt tell me...oh'

I did a half frown. I completely forgot to tell him. I unlocked my phone to reply.

'Sorry boo, it's a real long story! I'll explain when I get back to the hotel :( x'
"Is everything alright," Eleanor asked.
I looked up. "Yeah great!" But it just didn't feel right.

"You look lovely tonight."

"Thanks as do you." 

"So you're a student at Manchester?" 
"Yeah it's good I guess."
"So if you don't mind, how did modest find you?"  I don't know I was just curious okay.

"They were on campus the other day, and I guess they came up to me and explained everything."

Wow. Well a couple of conversations later, and eating it was time to leave from this very weird  We did more talking and I dropped her off. As soon as I entered my hotel room Harry pounced on me. "Louis!" he began so suffocate me in a hug. "I missed you!" A huge smile broke out on my face. 
"Me too" I said barley breathing. He had a strong scent of cologne as usual, and his beautiful curly locks covered on of his green eyes. He smiled showing off one of his dimples. He touched my face "So Mr.Tomlinson how's your day been?" He said almost seductively  "Haz quit being gay!" We both laughed. He is the only thing that's made me happy today. "Well it was eh, and I'm exhausted so goodnight." I walked to my bed and fell asleep almost immediately.






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