Louis and Harry deny they are gay, but is it all completely true? When Larry comes to managements attention, they attempt to bring someone more 'special' into Louis's life but at what costs?

*Mature content in future chapters do NOT say didn't warn you*


5. Can We Stop This For A Minute?



Wait watched? For what? We walked around on stage as we practiced our vocals Everytime I passed louis spitting questions out at him. "Watched?"
He nodded , as I walked towards Zayn as he finished his solo. "They don't know about the things we do. They don't know about the I love You's" 
Our vocal coach stopped us. "I think we'll me more than fine. Okay back from the too!" I Didn get to say much to him during the rest of practice when a girl with think long legs and wavy brunette hair wearing a green blouse walked in catching Louis's attention. He smiled and waved. Wait was this her? The girl he's seeing now? No doubt that's her, she's beautiful. She smiled a bit.
"Okay let's take a break" the vocal coach instructed. 
We walked down stage.

"Hi El." I gave a smile as I held her hands and giving her a hug. I could see in the corner of my eye our manager watching. "Hey Lou! So, you guys rehearsing? Did I come at a bad time?" Her voice getting a bit more serious. "Oh not at all love we're about done." I looked back to see what was going on. I saw Harry. He smiled then casually pointed his head up.
I motioned for him to come closer. "Well this needs to happen one way or another, Haz this is Eleanor, my girlfriend. Quite the girl she is. Stunning." I entwined our finger together. She covered a smile with her free hand. "Hiiiiii I'm Harry. His best friend." She let her hand down showing off her smile. "Ha so nice to meet you. I hope we can get along, maybe be the best of friends as well?" Her tone of voice sounded heart warming almost. Noticing her Hand I was holding. It really was soft. Just like the first time I held it. Her voice sounded so delicate and sweet. I looked upwards. "Im sure we will." Harry said, I sensed some doubt in his voice? No it's probably just me. 
"Well ill leave you two alone I guess" as Harry walked off. 
"How about a walk?" Might as well do something?

Hands still intwined we walked along the sidewalk. "Pretty crazy how were doing this huh?"
"Of course. I mean we won't be seen all the time together, after all Im still in school. But I suppose this time is nice?" She seemed more calm than usual. I liked this side of her better than the fakey corny girlfriend side. 
"Yeah I suppose so."
"So your friend Harry seems nice"
I smiled a bit, "Yeah, he's amazing, nice lad he is, very charming" 
Her smile almost faded away. "Why do you say that?"
"Well he is my best friend?"
She nodded. 
"You look nice today, I love your top"
"Thank you as do you"
This was actually the nicest conversation we've had yet. I mean the sentences were short, but it almost didn't feel so bad, I did miss Harry though.
But there was just something about El today that made it feel different than other times, when suddenly a plastic bottle came almost hitting Eleanor. "Go away you beard!" I turned quickly "Watch yourself" I cautioned. She attempted in asking for a picture of autograph which I rejected as kindly as I could as I sped up our walk. We headed back to the arena to meet back up with the boys. To seal the deal and leave things on good terms with modest, I tilted Eleanor's head, kissed her on her cheek, hugged her for a few seconds and waved goodbye to her. She walked off smiles and all.

In the end the walk was nice, a few fans followed behind, it kind of bothered me when people were being nasty towards her. She's not really my girlfriend, but people should learn some respect! I don't know Im just ready to go back to the hotel. "Hey styles" I walked over. He smiled a but showing off his signature dimpleful grin. "Hey Louis." I poked his arm. Glancing over to make sure nobody sees, I pull him over to where people couldn't see. I made my voice go higher. "Ready for some cuddling when we get back Harold" he laughed making his voice the same way. "Only if you make me a sandwich afterwards mr.tomo" He knows Im just playing. Even though I kind of wish I wasn't? No, he's just my best friend and nothing more. I need to focus on the tour. The first show is actually tomorrow. I gazed at Harry "Dont let a girl tear us apart," I whispered. 
"I won't."
"Cross my heart and hope to die"
It should really be the other way around but I couldn't help but put it this way.
We stood there and then hugged, I tightened the hug a bit then released.
Finding a grin on my face. "Let's walk back over before they notice ...."
"Wait Louis you never told me about you 'being watched'"
I shook my head slowly. "It's a long story, ill explain later." He nodded. "Very we'll then let's go then."

~~ Before the first show ~~
I was getting set to be onstage, this was the first show I don't know I'm just a bit nervous. I could tell Niall was too he kept jumping around in his white Supras ha. I caught a hold of a certain brunette walking towards me. She had her cute little smile on her face like usual. "Just came to wish you a but of luck?"
I smiled, "Thanks! I think I'm going to need it in so nervous."
"Just relax it'll be okay."
We walked over to the side. 
I bit my lip.
"If you say so."
"You will."
I had a sudden urge to... 
I tilted her head up a bit, leaning in little by little a bit slowly closed my eyes and sealed it with a small soft kiss entwining out fingers. She looked up at me. She stared at the ground acting like I didn't see her with a smile spread across her face. 
"Um well, I have to um go now?" I pointed backwards of me. 
She nodded and I ran back over.
We did our group huddle and got into position. Why did I just do that?

11:49 PM at the end of the first show.

Louis POV
The show was incredible! Although now off to the bar for a bit. I didn't feel like seeing Eleanor. Not after that kiss that is. I sat down and the beginning of the first drink, Harry walked over. "Mind if I said here?"
I rolled my eyes, "Is that even a question?" He chuckled and sat down at a table by the corner
We were on out fourth when he finally asked the obvious. "You never told me."
I acted dumb "about?"
"Being *air quotes* watched."
I bit my lip. "Well."
"Louis you're my best mate."
"That's what it's about. They're watching me, they're watching 'us'"
I tried to explain as best as I could as I ended with,"They think we're gay. OK Eleanor is their 'cover up' for me. She's not really my girlfriend."
His mouth opened wide. "Harry close your mouth before someone sticks a dick in there." I laughed.
"So you don't really like her?"
"That's insane."
"Just don't tell anyone, or they could remove me."
"I don't know the band I guess?"
His eyes widened as he told another drink. 
"Well I thought I didn't. But. I sorta kissed her before the show. It didn't mean much, but. Ah I don't know. Maybe it was just the nervousness from the first show. Must have been."
His face looked a tad now sad. As did mine. I couldn't help but ponder about this. I flashed a smile at him. "You always come first... that's for sure." His face lit up again.
A few more drinks later, Harry was a bit tipsy. We walked by some restrooms talking gibberish. My eyes caught his. "Have I ever mentioned how much I love your eyes? They're beautifully green. It's almost mesmerizing" I tailed off.

Harry's POV
I widened my eyes although my eyelids were getting heavy. God I was tired. He giggled. "Thanks. God you're adorable." I whispered.

I don't know what came over me. But I just didn't want to take me eyes off of him. The reason Eleanor is here, the absolutely flawless one I've shared every memorable moment of One Direction with. "Stop sweet talking me styles I whispered back. "God your so fucking cute."
"Shit you're so handsome" I growled back. 
I pushed him against the wall.
"Fucking Harry" I whispered.
"Shit Louis."
He squeezed my ass
I felt his hot breath on my face with a heavy scent of alcohol in his breath. His droopy eyelids closed. I got closer. Our lips not touching. "Harry you're such a fucking tease," I complained. He smirked. When I realized anyone could be watching us. What was I doing? What if this becomes a drunken mistake. I had to stop myself. "Harry we can't." His smile disappeared. "You're just drunk. Lets just go back to the hotel." The rest of the night became a blur to me. Did I that really just happen? More importantly, did I really just want this?

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