Louis and Harry deny they are gay, but is it all completely true? When Larry comes to managements attention, they attempt to bring someone more 'special' into Louis's life but at what costs?

*Mature content in future chapters do NOT say didn't warn you*


2. Call Me El

    "Hello Eleanor?" I studied her facial features. She actually had very beautiful green eyes. Her wavy and long brown hair. "This is Eleanor Calder. She will be playing the role of your girlfrien-"
"Wait hold on there a second! Girlfriend?" I questioned  "Yes! We believe if people see you have a girlfriend they will lay All the Larry jokes? El dear please tell us about yourself. "Sure. Well I'm 19, from London, um I am an only child? I don't really know what else to say haha  she said. "Quite alright dear. Well I am going to let you two get to know each other." She explained as she walked out the room.
    It suddenly got very awkward. "Hi , I'm Louis." Attempting to break the ice. "So by girlfriend, they mean ...." "We must be seen in public. Act like a couple and whatnot. It's no real though. So don't even get any ideas!" I rolled my eyes. "Wouldn't want any of that anyways" I mumbles. "Excuse yourself?" She snapped back. I gave her a sarcastic smile.
    As the woman walked back in. "And what if I don't want to do this? I mean you can't force me to be with her." I said eyeing the brunette. "I'm sorry but you must if you want to keep your position in the band." My mouth opened slightly. One Direction is my dream. My everything. Those boys mean the world to me! "Of course no actual relations are taking place , this is a just for now type of thing dear. You must focus on your career! Any actual relations of any type will be a definite violation to this and you will be punished in some way." she finished with no trace of a smile anywhere on her face. "If I may ask, how long will we be 'an item'" I was curious. "As long as it takes. Now go out there you You two! Oh and you must not tell ANYONE about this. Or there will be very severe consequences as stated before! Do I make myself clear?" I nodded my head yes. And so did Eleanor.
"Well then make this happen , that is all you may leave now."
    We were on our way back down the elevator. Her arms crossed. "Soo ." I had nothing else to say. The door began to open, she grabbed my hand. This cannot have a happy ending. I could just literary smell the paparazzi  It wont be long now. We hopped in the taxi on our way back to the hotel I was staying at. I stared at her once more. How could I pretend to love someone? All of this felt unreal. How could they just place a girl in front of me like this? I logged into twitter from my phone to look at my mentions. Surprised, there were actually people that had pictured already! Some were heart broken some were actually glad. The ones that were upset the most were the ones sending me hate about how I belonged with Harry. Something I really want to avoid. I thought about Harry for a second. He is my best friend why couldn't anyone believe us? In the back of my mind I felt there was something more to this. Maybe I... "Are you just going to sit there like nothing? Or at least make some kind of an attempt to talk to me?" Eleanor complained. She sounded kind of annoyed. "Watch yourself dear." I cautioned. 
    She rolled her eyes. "Just put on a smile and let's get off this taxi," She groaned. Like I had said before , unreal right? 

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