Louis and Harry deny they are gay, but is it all completely true? When Larry comes to managements attention, they attempt to bring someone more 'special' into Louis's life but at what costs?

*Mature content in future chapters do NOT say didn't warn you*


4. Another Side


*Beep beep beep*
I groaned. Why is that my ringer? I slowly leaned over on the bed and grabbed my phone to see who it was. It was Harry. "Hello?" 
Then the call disconnected, weird. 
And then I heard "Boo."
I nearly jumped off the bed! "Harry! Why did you call me?"
"Just to bother you"
That boy and his jokes sometimes haha I don't blame him after the brake I pulled on him the other day. I don't want to talk much about it but it was .... Yeah ....
"We'll how was your sleep?" He asked. "Great, until you disturbed me dude." He smirked. "Well sorry for disturbing you your highness."
I pulled the cover back over my head. "Ha shut up!"
"C'mon we need to be dressed we have rehearsals today for the upcoming tour." 
I had forgotten "Agh i'll be ready in a minute," I finally said as I grabbed a change of clothes to the restroom.
I came out in my favorite beanie , a basic white t-shirt, sweatpants and my grey vans. My beanie was actually Harry's  but I wear it most of the time it's like basically mine now. I smiled. Oh the memories this brings. I took it off and stared at it for a bit. 
"Louis you alright in there? Niall said he has to pee." I could hear Harry say an 'Ow' after that I laughed "Yeah I'm alright I just" 
I opened to door and walked out putting the beanie back on. 


Here we were at the arena where it gets as big as it gets for 1D
Lights flashing, our band, and everyone else that would be a part of our tour. 
Me and Harry walked towards the end of the stage We were waiting for everyone to get here , but as that was happening Harry tugged at my jacket "so are you ever going to tell me about your new girl," he asked softly. I had completely forgotten all about her. I somewhat remembered but thought it was just a big weird, annoying, beautiful dream, but in reality it did happen....
"Oh well you see."

* Harry's POV*
Louis kind of looked down, and as he was explaining everything I couldn't help but feel some kind of pain with knowing he's taken now, but why should I? Was it some type of jealousy or hate? Maybe a bit of disappointment , when I should actually be very happy for him. I know he's not going to be single forever. I mean- he's perfect. Who wouldn't want to be able to call him theirs? It's only been a day. Maybe it won't work out. Is it so bad I want them to break? I haven't even met or seen the girl, maybe she's perfect enough for him? 
"So yeah." 
I wasn't even paying attention. 
"We'll I wish you AND her the best mate." I flashed a big smile at him, then it faded as I looked down. 
I know I shouldn't feel this about him. He wouldn't go for me anyways. I'm nothing special...
He's my best friend and if he's happy I should be happy too. He half smiled at me and moved the hair out of my eyes causing me to look up as our eyes made contact for a second, before he took in a quick breath and asking,"where is everyone?"
"Everyone's here you two are over there, we need you here Mr.Styles and Mr.Tomlinson." our manager called. Especially eyeing Louis
"Let's get focused please!" He did a very sarcastic smile then turned around. "What was that about?" I couldn't help but ask. Louis turned to me quickly and whispered," Oh I forgot to mention, I'm being watched shh." Then walked off rapidly. "I'm coming!" he yelled out. Wait what?
"Harry can we please get your attention back on stage too?"








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