A Different Kind Of Normal

My name is Flora. Flora Atkin. I am a normal twelve year old girl. Well, that is, if normal were traveling around the world with one of the most famous boybands in history. My mom, Lou Teasedale, is One Direction's stylist, and Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn are like my older brothers. The boys are living their dreams and I'm just lucky enough to come along for the ride. What happens when my best friend, Annabell, and I get the opportunity of a life time: the opportunity to be part of the boys' dream? Read along to find out!


4. Take Me Home

*two days later*

I woke up with an excited feeling in my stomach; today was the start of the Take Me Home tour. I checked my phone and the clock read 5:46am. I had a lot of time before we needed to leave so I hopped out of bed and went to take a shower. After showering, I went to go look for something to wear. I picked out my Super Man shirt and a pair of denim shorts. I put on my white TOMS and returned to the bathroom. After doing my makeup, I curled my hair and put on my Super Man Snapback that Annabell had gotten me for the past Christmas. When I was done with all of that, I checked the time again and my clock read 6:32am. We had to leave around 8:00am so I went to wake everyone up. I went in all of the boys’ rooms to wake them up, but before heading to Louis’ room, I decided to get back at him. I went on Youtube and looked up “bad drum player”. I picked one and turned my volume all the way up. I put the speaker right next to Louis’ ear and played the video. Louis sat strait up in bed. He looked around and then saw me. “I told you that you weren’t the only clever one here.” I winked and swiftly exited his room. Revenge is sweet, I thought to myself. After waking everyone else up, I packed the rest of my things and brought my suitcase downstairs.


                While I waited for everyone else, I decided to check Instagram. First, I went to my News Page and saw that a bunch of people had tagged me in their photos. I clicked on a few and the comments were all similar: OMG, the boys TMH tour starts today! Or, Now that the tour is starting, I can finally start counting down the days. Can’t wait to see them perform!


I laughed and took a picture of my luggage. ‘I see that the fans are excited. So am I!’ I commented. Almost instantly, my photo had so much comments and likes, I didn’t even know it was possible.

Later, when everyone was finally downstairs, Paul checked the time and blurted out: “Oh wow! We better hurry! It’s 7:45!” After he said that, everyone was grabbing luggage and heading to the cars so fast, that it was hard to tell who was who. Annabell grabbed some luggage while I picked up Lux, who was sleeping I her car seat and we bolted out the door behind everyone. We all got into cars while Harry checked to make sure the bungalow looked okay. A few minutes later, he walked outside, closing and locking the door behind him. He came up to the van I was in with Annabell, my dad, Lux, and Niall, got in, and handed me my phone. “You’re welcome.” Was all he said. “Thanks.” I laughed. It must have fallen out of my pocket when we were all running around. An hour later, we all arrived at the private airport. Thankfully, it wasn’t crowded, so we had no trouble getting inside. We dropped our luggage off and, before anything else, Dani, Perrie, El, Annabell, and I went to Starbucks. Once we had our drinks, we all went to the private jet for the TMH tour. Everyone got on the plane and sat down across from each other. I sat on the aisle, next to Lux and then Harry. Across from me was Niall, who sat next to Annabell and then Paul. Niall and Annabell were having a thumb war while Harry and I entertained Lux, when the pilot’s voice came over the speaker. “Okay, everyone. We are going to take off here in a couple of minutes.” He gave us the safety rules and in a few minutes time, we were up in the air, headed for New York City. I don’t know when, but eventually, I fell asleep, leaning on the arm rest.

*1 hour later*

I woke up and looked around. Then I remembered where I was. I stood up and went to the bathroom on the small jet. As I was walking back to my seat, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked to my left and saw Louis and El sharing a deep kiss. “Get a room.” I whispered so I wouldn’t wake anyone else up. Even though, the lights were out on the plane, I could see the deep red both Louis and El’s faces got. I smiled and whispered “Have fun.” I went back to my seat and pulled out my phone. I had gotten multiple texts during my nap. I had a few from Lottie, Louis’ younger sister, telling me to have fun and things like that. Lottie was older than me by about three years, but she, Annabell, and I were practically all sisters. I texted her telling her I wished she could come along and then somehow we had a whole conversation about makeup over texting. The thing that Lottie, Annabell, and I all bonded over was makeup. From the moment we met that was like our little group connection. Every chance we hung out, we would pull out our makeup and do makeovers on anyone that would let us. Sometimes, if the boys were either brave or bored, they would even let us do crazy designs on them. Lottie and I were thinking about asking my mom if we could be her assistants (her mom is One Directions’ stylist). I was texting Lottie about shopping when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see my dad. “Hey dad.” I said. “Hey hon. We are about to land so you need to put your phone away, okay?” “Kay.” I slipped my phone in my pocket and woke Paul, Harry, Niall, and Annabell up. Niall was kind of pissed that I woke him but whatever. “It’s called beauty sleep.” He said, mocking me. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window, to see the New York City lights. It was night time when we landed, so the airport wasn’t as crowded as it might have been around midday, which I was extremely grateful for. We drove to our hotel, divided into rooms, and went to bed.

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