A Different Kind Of Normal

My name is Flora. Flora Atkin. I am a normal twelve year old girl. Well, that is, if normal were traveling around the world with one of the most famous boybands in history. My mom, Lou Teasedale, is One Direction's stylist, and Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn are like my older brothers. The boys are living their dreams and I'm just lucky enough to come along for the ride. What happens when my best friend, Annabell, and I get the opportunity of a life time: the opportunity to be part of the boys' dream? Read along to find out!


7. Sightseeing, Silliness, and Charlotte

*the next day*

I wake up on a couch. I had absolutely no idea where I was. And then the previous night came back to me. The makeup. The concert. The girls. The dancing. Was I still at the venue? I sat up and looked around. I saw two beds. Relief washed over me. I hadn’t been left at the venue, thank the lord. I was in the hotel, which I recognized to be the one we had been staying in already. I then noticed that Zayn was in one of the beds while Liam was in the other. Another good sign. Liam must have carried me up here because he is the strongest of all of the boys. I weigh more than Anna so someone else might have carried her up to another room. I leaned my head back on the arm of the couch and fell asleep. About two hours later, I felt someone rubbing my back. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” Liam’s gentle voice sang through my ears and, slowly, I lifted my head, opening my eyes. He smiled. “Finally, you’re up! We are all going to go to the Statue of Liberty today, so you better get ready. Your mom dropped your stuff off in this room earlier.” Liam said. “Thanks, Li.” I said. Liam kissed my forehead and left to go change. I took a quick shower and got ready to go sight-seeing that day.

*a few days later*

I wake up early as someone starts shaking me. I slightly open my eyes and see that the room around me is still dark. I roll over and try to shrug the person off. “WAKE UP!” The person yells. I immediately shoot straight up on the couch, realizing who this person was. I turn back around and hug her. “Lotts!” I whisper, so I don’t wake anyone else up. “Oh don’t bother, everyone else is already up.” She tells me. I move over to one side of the couch and make room for her. She sits down and we begin to catch up on everything. Later, we hear a knock on the hotel room door. We both go over to open it and Louis walks in. “I thought I would stop by to say hello to my little sis.” He winks and opens his arms wide for Lottie, who jumps into them and fits perfectly. She starts to cry, “Lou, I missed you soooo much.” She sobs into his chest as he rubs her back to soothe her. “I’ll give you two some time, then.” I say, walking out of the room and across the hall into another room. Later, everyone except for my parents and Paul are all in Zayn, Liam, and, now, my room of the hotel because it’s the biggest room. We are all just hanging out and watching TV. Lux is in my lap and I’m talking to Lottie, Perrie, Dani, and Annabell. Harry, Niall, and Zayn are playing some card game on one of the beds, Louis is watching TV with El, and Liam is, of course, doing a Twitcam. He’s sitting a few feet away from Dani, Perrie, Lottie, Annabell, Lux, and I. Us girls are mostly trying to tune him out, reading a ton of magazines we bought at the airport. “Girls, wanna play Truth or Dare?” Liam suddenly asks us. I look to all of the other girls. “Um, sure. I guess.” Perrie says. Louis, El, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all come over to join, so we move over to make the circle bigger. “No swearing.” I say, gesturing to Lux. Liam sets his laptop in the middle of the circle and asks the ‘audience’ to pick someone to go first. He studies the screen and suddenly looks up, right at Dani. “Dani, you are the chosen one.” We all laugh and Dani turns to Harry. “Harry, truth or dare?” She asks him. Harry looks around at us, nervous. “Ummm, dare?” He half asks, half states. Danielle thinks about his decision, and finally looks back up at him. “I dare you to go up to a random room on the floor above us, and knock on the door.” She says. “No problem.” Harry says standing up. “I’ll go with the laptop.” I say, handing Lux to Liam and grabbing Liam’s computer. Dani and I follow Harry out of the room and up to the floor above us, with the camera pointing at him. All of a sudden, he stops and knocks on a totally random door. No answer. He knocks again. This time, there was a temporary wait and, after a few seconds, an ear piercing scream fills our ears. “What? What is it honey? Who’s at the door?” A woman shouts. “Oh my God, mom! It’s Harry Freaking Styles from One Direction!” A teenage girl opens the door and hugs Harry. “Hello, love.” Harry starts. “Me and the lads here were just playing truth or dare and I was dared to knock on your door.” The rest of the boys come up and hug the girl. They have a small conversation with her and before they leave, she asks for a picture. When we are done, we go back into the room and resume our game of Truth or Dare. “ Harry, pick someone.” Dani says. “Okay, I pickkkkk… Lottie!” Harry says, turning to Lottie. “Lottie, truth or dare?” Harry asks. “Uhhh, truth.” She replies. “Um, what was your first impression of me?” He questions her. “I honestly thought you were trying waaayyy to hard for the ladies and you were very…different.” She says to Harry. “Different as in how?” Harry prompts. “You weren’t, and still aren’t afraid to be yourself, which isn’t bad at all. Except for when you are at one of your friends’ house, and that friend has four sisters, two of which are seven, and you’re running around that friends’ house naked.” She says, making everyone laugh. “Okay, not bad. It’s your turn, now, Lotts.” Harry says. “Okay…ummm…Niall, truth or dare?” “Dare!” Niall says. “Okay, I dare you to call…Demi.” “Demi Lovato?” “Yeah. And ask her out.” Lottie says, winking at Niall. “Umm, no way on earth am I doing that!” Niall protests. “C’mon, Nialler, we all know you have a crush on Dem.” Perrie teases, and Niall blushes. He finally pulls out his phone and dials Demi’s number. “Hello?” Demi answers on the second ring. “Hi, Dem. It’s Niall.” “Hey, Ni. Did you need anything?” “Um, I do, actually. I know this sounds pretty stupid, but, I kinda like you, and, well.” “Yeah, go on…” Demi pushes Niall. “I was wondering if you wanted to, you know, be my girlfriend?” Silence. We didn’t hear anything. Niall checked the phone, thinking Demi had hung up, but put it back to his ear, when he saw that she hadn’t ended the call. “Niall, that would. I mean, I would love to! I like you a lot as well!” Demi, said, obviously excited, into the phone. “Thanks, Dem. Call me sometime?” Niall said with a smile on his face, and hung up. “She said yes! Harry, you need a girl.” Niall said. We all laughed and continued our game, which Niall wouldn’t stop smiling through the whole time. Later, Liam ended the Twitcam and we ended our Truth or Dare game. I was sitting on the couch next to Niall. We were face timing Demi, catching up with her. We talked for quite a bit of time until she told us she had to get going. We hung up and noticed that we should probably get to bed. Almost everyone had left the room and Niall kissed my forehead. “Night, Flora.” He whispered. “Night Nialler. I’m really happy for you.” I whispered back. “Thanks Flor.” He said before leaving the room. Zayn, Liam, and I turned out the lights and went to bed straight after he left.

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