A Different Kind Of Normal

My name is Flora. Flora Atkin. I am a normal twelve year old girl. Well, that is, if normal were traveling around the world with one of the most famous boybands in history. My mom, Lou Teasedale, is One Direction's stylist, and Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn are like my older brothers. The boys are living their dreams and I'm just lucky enough to come along for the ride. What happens when my best friend, Annabell, and I get the opportunity of a life time: the opportunity to be part of the boys' dream? Read along to find out!


6. Showtime and First Time

*the next day*

Today the boys had rehearsals. Us girls were planning to go shopping in the city! It was my and Annabell’s first time in New York, so we were very excited to go explore the city with the other girls. We headed to the nearest mall and split with the older girls. Our plans were to meet them around 11:00 for lunch. Anna and I headed to our favorite stores to do some shopping. We had quite a bit of money because my parents had given us some. I pocketed half of my cash and decided I would only spend the other half or less. By eleven, Anna had already got a pair of flats, two sweaters, and some jewelry. I had spent about all the money I allowed myself to use on makeup products, which I was dying to break into with Lottie and Annabell. We met the girls in the food court when we got an idea to surprise the boys at rehearsals with lunch. We stopped by Subway on the way to their rehearsals and ordered all 13 foot longs. All of us girls got a kick out of the worker’s expression and we were quick to tell her that it wasn’t all for us. After the Subway stop, we drove to the rehearsal location and brought the food inside. When we walked into the huge venue, we immediately heard the boys singing. They were currently singing one of their songs called ‘Over Again’, which was one of my favorites from their Take Me Home album. When they finished the song, El, Dani, Perrie, Annabell and I ran over to the stage and started cheering for the boys. When the boys saw us, smiles grew on their faces. Liam, Zayn, and Louis all ran over to their girlfriends, gave them a kiss, and grabbed their food. Harry and Niall took their food from Anna, while I handed my parents their food. We all sat down on the stage to eat and soon enough, the stage was filled with wrappers, napkins, and crumbs. When we finished, we were about to get going when my mom pulled Annabell and I to the side. “Hey girls, I have a question for you.” I got worried. “Yes mom?” “So I know you are both very interested in makeup, and so is Lottie.” “Uh huh.” I prompted. “So you all have become very handy with makeup and I was wondering if you wanted to start learning how to do the boys’ stage makeup?” She questioned. Annabell and I looked at each other. “Mom, we would love to!” I shouted, but then remembered Lottie, “But mom, what about Lottie?” “Oh well I kind of already arranged with Ms. Tomlinson to fly Lottie out tomorrow. From then, she will stay with us for the rest of the tour.” “Mom, you’re the best!” I shouted, jumping up and down with Annabell. “You start tonight, girls. Lottie starts in a couple of days, but you guys are staying for after rehearsals and then for the show tonight.” My mom told us. “Yessss!’ Anna and I screamed so loud, Lottie probably could have heard us from the plane. The afternoon wasn’t very eventful; we stayed for the rest of rehearsals, mostly just walking around the venue and watching people set up for the show that night.  We refilled the boys’ water bottles a couple of times (we were quite tempted to fill Louis’ with toilet water) and we ran some errands for my parents. We were also lucky because the sound guy taught us some stuff about the sound booth and let us even control the microphones for a whole song. We forgot to turn Harry’s mic on though, so when his solo came up no one could hear him except for the boys. Anna and I decided that we’re a bit better with makeup. Later on, when the boys were finished with rehearsals, sound check, etc. they hopped off the stage and went to go get a drink. My mom walked over to Annabell and I. “Ready girls?” she asked. “Yep.” We both replied back, excitedly. “Okay the boys first need to shower and I’m going to go get the makeup out of my car. You girls can go back to the dressing rooms and wait for the boys, okay?” “Kay.” I answered as my mom left to go get the makeup. Annabell and I headed backstage and to the dressing rooms. On our way to the rooms, we saw a ton of clothes that the boys would choose from, a ton of people getting ready, and a ton of props. We also saw the couch that would go in the middle of the stage for part of the performance. I handed a worker my phone and had him take a picture of Anna and I sitting on the couch, which I posted on Instagram: Who’s ready for the NYC concert tonight? Found the couch backstage! We hopped off of the couch and continued to make our way to the dressing rooms and suddenly I was surrounded in a hug. Big muscular arms pulled me close as a man’s voice said “Guess who?” He let go of me as I turned around and hugged him properly. “Josh!” I shouted. Josh had only made it out to New York today and I hadn’t seen him earlier. He’s the drummer for the band. “Hey girls. I heard that you are gonna help with the boys’ stage makeup tonight. Are you excited?” “Yeah!” We both answered. “Cool! Well I gotta go oversee the transportation of my drums. Don’t want anything to break, do we?” Josh was very protective of his drums. Once when he was practicing, he accidentally hit one too hard and it broke. He started crying like a little girl, which I thought was pretty funny. Anyways, after a bit of searching, we finally found the dressing rooms. There were three, each labeled ONE DIRECTION I opened one of the doors and saw Harry just sitting there, butt-naked. I had seen this before, but really? “Harry, can you at least lock the door? Or get dressed?” I shouted. “Oh sorry, Flor…” He said and cheekily smiled, thinking that would make it better. Then it got awkward. Louis walked out of the bathroom with only a towel on. “Oh hello girls. Do you need anything?” He asked, and then saw my stunned expression. He looked across the room and then spotted Harry. “Oh c’mon mate, really? We’re in public!” He yelled at Harry. “Sorry girls.” Louis closed the door and locked it. Then he started yelling various profanities at Harry. “You know this door isn’t sound-proof, Lou!” I shouted. “Oh yeah. Girls, please don’t ever repeat these words.” He yelled back and then continued scolding Harry. I walked over to one of the other rooms assigned to the boys and opened the door. Sitting there was Liam, doing a twitcam. He looked up at us and waved. “Hey girls,” He looked back down at his computer screen and addressed the worldwide audience, “Look who showed up!” He said, turning his laptop to face us. “Liam, I think it’s wonderful you want to talk to your fans, but have you showered yet?” Annabell asked him. “Yeah, why?” Liam asked. “Because the show is in like two hours and you need to get ready.” I responded. “Oh yeah.” He turned his computer to face him again, “And speaking of getting ready, Flora and Annabell are going to help Flora’s mom, Lou, do our stage makeup tonight.” He smiled and then looked up to wink at us. Then the door to the connecting bathroom opened and out walked Niall with a tank top and shorts on. “Hey girls.” He said to us, grabbing his Ireland Snapback off of the counter and placing it on his wet head. “Hey Ni.” I said, “Where’s Zayn?” “Oh, he just went down to grab a snack.” Liam said and continued his twitcam for the world. Just then, Zayn walks in and tossed an orange to Niall, who catches it in midair, peels it, and starts to eat it. “Vas happenin in here?” Zayn asks, using his catch phrase. “Excited to help with the makeup, girls?” “Yeah, but how many people know about that?” Annabell asks Zayn. We were both pretty amazed at how fast word travels. “Oh tons of people.” Zayn answered her question. “Flora’s mom told us when we were on break.” “Cool.” I say. Liam checks his watch and announces to the fans that he has to end the twitcam, due to the fact that the boys had to start getting ready for the show. He turns his laptop to face Anna, Niall, Zayn, and I, and makes us say goodbye to the fans before he says goodbye himself and logs out of Twitter. I hear a knock on the door to the dressing room and then my mom says, “I’ll be in the room next to you getting the makeup ready. Be ready soon, guys.” Then, a little fainter, I hear her do the same thing to the room that Harry and Louis are in across the hall. When Niall finishes his orange, he faces Anna and I and says, “Ready, girls? It’s showtime.” We both nod and head out the door to the room next door after Niall. My mom turns to us. “Take a seat, Niall.” She says gesturing to a spinny-chair next to her. Niall does as she says and she asks Anna and I who wants to go first. I look to Anna, and she offers me, so why not? I stand up and walk over to my mom. “Ready?” She asks me. “Yeah.” I say, very excited. It starts out with my mom asking me to hand her the products she needs for Niall’s makeup routine, but then, out of nowhere, she asks me if I wanted to give it a try. “Sure!” I say, picking up the brush my mom hands me. She gives me instructions on what to do with the makeup until Niall’s face is stage ready. “And we are done.” My mom announces as I set the last brush down. I smile, proud of my work. “You did awesome, Flor!” Niall says high-fiving me. “Thanks Nialler!” I say and he walks off to get his hair ready. Next, Liam walks in as I go sit on the couch. Annabell walks by me looking nervous. “You’ll do great, girly.” I say and I go sit down. We continue switching off with helping my mom do the boys’ makeup until all of them had been done up. “You guys did great tonight! Did you have fun?” My mom asks Anna and I after we send Harry, the last of the boys, out the door. “Mom that was a dream come true!” I say, hugging her. “It really was. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity, Mrs. Teasedale.” Annabell agrees. “Oh, you’re welcome girls. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Later, the boys are getting ready to go on stage. There are people everywhere, making sure everything looks pristine and ready for the stage. People are fixing the boys’ hair and bowties, and as they walk over to take their positions behind the stage, they high-five Anna and I. “Good luck.” We tell them, not that they’ll need it. And soon, all we can here are screaming girls. The countdown must have started. Soon enough, someone is pushing Liam, who is in the front of the line, and he starts to run out onto the stage. “Heeeeeello New York!” He yells into his microphone, sending the noise level way up. The boys say their ‘hellos’ and start singing ‘Live While We’re Young.’ Anna and I start dancing around backstage, celebrating for the boys. Then the girls (El, Dani, and Perrie) bounce in with their VIP tickets hanging around their necks. They all congratulate Anna and I on our first time helping with the boys’ makeup and we all continue to dance. I snap a picture of us girls with my iPhone and post it on Instagram: Only the first song and we are already living it up backstage! I post the picture, turn off my phone, and continue to dance with the girls.



Sorry I haven't posted in like forever! I got my electronics taken away and have been trying to get my grades up in school! I promise I will try my best t post from now on.


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