A Different Kind Of Normal

My name is Flora. Flora Atkin. I am a normal twelve year old girl. Well, that is, if normal were traveling around the world with one of the most famous boybands in history. My mom, Lou Teasedale, is One Direction's stylist, and Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn are like my older brothers. The boys are living their dreams and I'm just lucky enough to come along for the ride. What happens when my best friend, Annabell, and I get the opportunity of a life time: the opportunity to be part of the boys' dream? Read along to find out!


1. Rude Awakening and Silly Start

"WAKE UP!!! DON'T MAKE ME GET JOSH AND HIS DRUMS IN HERE, BECAUSE IF I DO IT WILL BE A RUDE AWAKENING FOR YOU MISSY!" I woke up to Louis Tomlinson screaming in my ear. Almost any other 12 year old girl across the world would love this, but I'm not any other 12 year old girl. "Alright, I'm up Louis! And by the way, that was kinda already a rude awakening!" Louis gave me a sassy look as I turned my head to look at my alarm clock. It wasn't there. "Where's my-" And then I remembered where I was. The boys, Paul,my family, my best friend, Annabell, and I had all arrived at Harry's stepdad, Robin's bungalow in Chesire for two and a half weeks before the boys' Take Me Home world tour began.  And then I realized something else. "Heeey!" I said dragging out the word, "Josh isn't even here, Louis! I hate you so much!" "Love you too, little sis." He winked at me and walked out of the room. "We're not even blood-related!" I yelled after him. I looked at the other twin bed in the room I was sharing with Annabell, but it was empty, so I decided to get up. I hopped out of the bed and went straight downstairs. On my way down, I caught a glimpse of what everyone was doing. My mom and dad were making breakfast as Niall eyed them, obviously eager to be first in line when the food was ready. Liam sat on the couch next to Harry, both watching some football match on the TV. Zayn was sitting in the middle of the family room floor stacking building blocks with my 1 year old sister, Lux. Annabell sat next to Louis at the kitchen counter, with a bored look on her face, listening to what he was saying. She rolled her eyes and as I got further down the stairs, I heard Louis say "She's never gonna wake up. If she sleeps in this late we might just," He throws his hands up, signaling quotation marks, "forget to bring her on tour." When I walk past him I smack his head. "Oh I don't think you want to do that, Tomlinson. You're not the only clever one here."  I smirk and that shuts him up. After eating breakfast, Annabell and I decide to paint our nails. I pick out a light orange and she goes for a neon green. We are painting our nails at the kitchen counter when a phone rings. We look up and find that Zayn had left his phone sitting on the counter. Carefully, I slide it towards me and the caller ID says Perrie xx. I answered the phone and put it on speaker, Zayn wouldn't care if I talked to his girlfriend. "Perr!" I say, "It's me, Flora! I'm with Annabell and Zayn left his phone here." "Hey girls," I heard Perrie from the other end, "So I miss you all and I was wondering if you wanted to facetime?" "That would be awesome! Zaayyyyn," I yell upstairs, "We're gonna facetime Perrie on your phone!" "We hang up and facetime her just as all of the boys come to the kitchen. "Perrie! I miss you so much, love!" Zayn says and walks away with his phone. Let’s just say that we didn’t get to see Perrie for a while after that.

*a week later*

Annabell and I were in one of the rooms in the bungalow. It was the one my parents and Lux were using. My mom and dad were out at the grocery store and Lux was sitting down on the king bed in the middle of the room in her diaper. Annabell and I were picking out a swimsuit for Lux to where that day because the boys promised us we could go swimming. “How ‘bout this one?” I asked holding up a star and striped one piece. “I like it.” Annabell replies. We get Lux changed and grab some towels before heading out the door. Once we reach the pool, only around the corner, we see the boys messing around. They were supposed to be adding the chemicals to keep the pool clean and stuff like that, but, so far, it hadn’t looked like they had made much progress. “Oh hey girls.” Zayn said with a goofy smile on his face, and his usually neat jet-black hair in a mess. “Ummm,” I didn’t even know how to reply. All of the boys were looking at us with awkward smiles on their faces. All I could come up with was, “Are you guys okay?” “Never better!” Liam exclaimed. “They’re all excited ‘cause tomorrow Dani, El, and Perrie are coming  remember?” Harry said like it was the most obvious thing ever. “Oh yeah!” Annabell said, with a wide smile emerging on her face. “C’mon, guys! What are you waiting for?” I asked, handing Lux to Harry, dropping some towels, and jumping into the water. I felt someone grab me from behind as I came up for air. “STOOOOP!” I screamed! “Let me go!” “Oh c’mon, silly. It’s just me.” I immediately relaxed as the thick, Irish accent hit my hears. “Geese, Niall. You scared me!” I scolded him, while climbing on top of his shoulders. “Chicken fight time!” I yelled. Whenever Annabell and I went swimming with the boys we always had chicken fights. Annabell climbed on Liam’s shoulders as he and Niall walked towards each other. “Fight! Fight! Fight!” I heard Louis, Zayn and Harry chanting from the side of the pool. Annabell and I grabbed each other’s arms and began to push and push. “Ahhh! Niall, I swear if you let go, I’ll kill you!” I shouted over the noise. “I’m not TRYING! My hands are freaking slipping, Flora!” He screamed back, making all of the other boys burst out in laughter. This is why Niall and I make a great team. We do this almost every time that we have chicken fights. We both distract the other team by acting like he can’t hold on any more and add humor in so that it makes the other team laugh and lose. Sure enough, Annabell falls off of Liam’s shoulders, already in a fit of laughter. “Woo hoo!” I yell jumping off of Niall and high-fiving him. “Every time.” He whispers in my ear with a devious grin plastered on his face. I laugh and we spend the rest of the day at the pool.


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