A Different Kind Of Normal

My name is Flora. Flora Atkin. I am a normal twelve year old girl. Well, that is, if normal were traveling around the world with one of the most famous boybands in history. My mom, Lou Teasedale, is One Direction's stylist, and Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn are like my older brothers. The boys are living their dreams and I'm just lucky enough to come along for the ride. What happens when my best friend, Annabell, and I get the opportunity of a life time: the opportunity to be part of the boys' dream? Read along to find out!


8. Out of it in Ohio

*two days later*

Today, we were heading to Ohio. My alarm on my phone went off around 8:30am New York time. I got up and saw that, to my surprise, Zayn and Liam were still sleeping. I picked out an outfit for the day and went into the bathroom to shower. When I was done, I changed into my outfit and woke Liam and Zayn up. As they were getting ready and showering, I sat down and did my hair and makeup. When Liam, Zayn, and I were all ready and packed, we brought all of our things into Harry, Niall, and Louis’ room to wait with them. Not long after, everyone was packed and ready to head to Ohio. We got to travel on the tour buses for the rest of the states in the US, which we were excited about. There were three tour buses, which we all divided up into. Bus #1: My mom, my dad, Lux, Paul, and the bands’ manager. Bus #2: Niall, Harry, Louis, Eleanor, Annabell, and I. Bus #3: Liam, Dani, Zayn, Perrie, Josh, and Lottie. After loading everything into the buses, we hopped in and pulled out. Leaving the hotel, we all waved to the fans outside, which was one of the coolest experiences ever. Of course, the first stop we made was Starbucks. Paul ushered, my dad, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Josh out to go get the drinks, but Eleanor, Annabell, and I insisted on going in because we didn’t want the guys to screw our orders up. After that, we continued on the road for quite some time. Lucky for us, all of the tour buses had refrigerators and cabinets already stocked with food and drinks. If they didn’t, we would have already pulled over at least a dozen times due to Niall’s appetite.  A few hours into the ride, everyone on the bus that I was in (Bus #2: Niall, Harry, Louis, Eleanor, Annabell and I) decided to take a rest. I followed right behind Harry into the corridor where the bunks were. I always loved having the bottom bunk, because, once again, I am terrified of heights. Once we reached the bunks, I called my claim to the bottom bed, while Annabell sat in the bunk opposite me. Niall hopped up to the bed directly above mine and Harry climbed into the bed on top of Annabell’s. After us four were settled, Louis and Eleanor entered the hallway and each took a separate bed above Niall’s and Harry’s. Everyone was doing their own thing; Eleanor and Louis were doing some online shopping, Harry was taking a nap, Niall was playing a sports game on his iPhone, Annabell was reading one of the many magazines we brought, so I decided to give myself an update on Instagram. I went on and immediately say that Zayn and Liam were having a picture war. Our picture wars basically consisted of the people playing trying to get as many embarrassing pictures of their opponents as possible. And then the fans basically voted for who was winning. So far it looked like Liam was winning. Liam had gotten a picture of Zayn imitating a Beyonce dance, a picture of Zayn stuffing his face with chips, and a picture of Zayn sleeping. Zayn wasn’t the best at playing this game, however. He got about six of the same picture: Liam watching TV, shirtless. ‘Sorry Zayn, but Liam’s not going to find that very embarrassing. The fans are actually going to swoon over that picture, not laugh at it. Liam’s so going to win this war!’ I commented on Zayn’s picture. Not long after, he commented back: ‘Thanks for all the support, Flor. Maybe the fans want an underdog to win.’ ‘Underdog? Since when is the Bradford Badboy an underdog?’ I commented back. ‘Lol. Love you little sis;)’ I saw the new comment pop up on my screen. ‘Love you 2, Zaynie <3.’ I posted one last time. I looked at a couple more pictures from the boys and then turned my phone off. I set it down, next to me, closed the curtain to my bunk, and went to sleep. A few hours later, I was awoken by a strong pair of arms gently shaking me. “Flor, we’re in Ohio, now. You have to get up so we can go up to our hotel room.” I rolled over and opened my eyes and saw Harry kneeling down next to me. He smiled and pushed a mop of curls out of his eyes. “Everyone else is already in the hotel, Flor. C’mon, let’s go.” I was very tired and planned on continuing my nap on one of the hotel’s beds. I crawled out of the bunk and pulled myself up using the other two middle beds. I groggily started walking to the door of the bus when Harry asked me, “Flora, do you want me to carry you up? You look really tired.” “No, thanks though , Haz.” I replied, and continued walking. I suddenly lost my balance, and Harry’s muscular arms caught me, mid fall. “Flor, I’m carrying you. You are out of it.” Harry said, scooping me up in one short movement. “You sure, Harry?” I half asked. “Yep.” He replied. I put my arms around his neck as he stepped out of the bus. Immediately, we were swarmed by paparazzi. Questions came flying at Harry, which, of course, he ignored. Paul was at our side in a heartbeat, though. “Had a nice nap, did you?” He joked, looking at me. “Yeah, I could use those more often.” I mumbled into Harry’s chest. Harry just chuckled, but finally we made it into the hotel. It was a bit quieter in there, but there were still a couple of fans scattered around. We made it up to the sixth floor, on which we were staying, and Harry carried me into Josh, Annabell’s, and apparently my room. He layed me down on a bed and I was out cold.

/// Posted extra tonight in to make up for my lack of posting lately! Hope you like it:) It would mean a lot if you left your comments down below! Love you all!!

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