Is he my brother?

I am Brianna Nixion or so I thought.It all stated on a Saturday in June,that's when my life changed.Now I live in a mansion with my so called 'brother' and his friends.My life will never be how it was,but it's better now.I love my new life I really do,but one question still eats away at me heart and mind.Is Zayn Jawaad Malik my brother?


2. Hey

Brianna's POV:

I woke up in a large room,I got out of bed and rushed to the window."this isn't California,this isn't even America" I said.I ran to the door and started yelling."Let me out" I screamed.The guy with the curly hair opened the door."you're finally awake" he said."" I said through gritted teeth."Zayn" the curly haired one yelled.Zayn walked into the room."hey Lizzy" Zayn said."where am I" I asked."London" Zayn said."how did I sleep through that" I asked."after you passed out we sedated you so you wouldn't start freaking out until we got home" Zayn said."but I'm not home I'm in London with some psyco who thinks I'm his sister and his friends who helped him kidnap me" I said."Elizabith look at this picture" Zayn said handing me a picture."yeah so it's just a little boy holding a baby" I said."no that's you and me on the day that I first met you,you were 3 days old" Zayn said."how can I be sure that's me" I asked."follow me" Zayn said.I followed Zayn to his room."maybe you'll remember this" Zayn said putting a DVD into his VCR.I sat on the bed looking at the screen,I saw myself at my first figure skating tournament,I was 4 at the time."do you remember this" Zayn asked me."yeah it's my first figure skating tournament" I said."Elisabeth do you remember after the tournament we all went out to eat.It was you,me,mom,and dad" Zayn said."I do remember but I don't remember you" I said."do you remember your name" Zayn asked me."yeah Elisabeth Alexis Malik" I said."come on you're probably hungry" Zayn said.I nodded.Zayn led me to the kitchen."good morning Elisabeth" the blonde one said."who are you" I asked."I'm Niall,Niall Horan" he said."so baby sister what do you wanna do today" Zayn asked me."umm right now I wanna check my Twitter account" I said."oh you can use my laptop to check your twitter" Zayn said."thanks but my twitter stuff is private so no I'll just wait" I said."that's what we could do today" Zayn said."what" I asked."get you a phone" Zayn said."ok" I said.Zayn took me to the electronic store."what phone do you want" Zayn asked."I phone" I said."color" Zayn asked."black" I said.
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