Is he my brother?

I am Brianna Nixion or so I thought.It all stated on a Saturday in June,that's when my life changed.Now I live in a mansion with my so called 'brother' and his friends.My life will never be how it was,but it's better now.I love my new life I really do,but one question still eats away at me heart and mind.Is Zayn Jawaad Malik my brother?


1. Who are you

Brianna's POV:

I walked out to the backyard and took a deep breath."I think I'll go on a walk today" I said to myself.I walked out to the front yard,and onto the sidewalk.I walked to a meadow that was hidden by trees.I lay in the cool grass being warmed by the sun,then I heard the screeching of tires,and finally a crash."looks like I'm taking the long way back to my house" I said sitting up.I got up and started walking to my house.I was a little under half way to my house when I noticed a black van with tinted windows following me,assuming it was one of the gardeners I waved and smiled.That was when the door opened and someone got out.I turned around and tried to run but before I could they put a bag over my head and threw me in the van."I told you to be careful with her Harry" someone said."sorry but she was about to run" someone else said."why did we need to kidnap her" another person asked."because that was the only way to guarantee her coming with us" someone said.I started kicking and wiggling."let her out she probably needs air" someone said.The bag was taken off my head and I saw the faces of who kidnapped me."hey Elisabeth" the one with the quiff said."what" I said."Lizzy it's me Zayn" he said."who are you why did you kidnap me" I yelled."Lizzy I'm your brother" Zayn said."first of all I'm an only child,second of all I'm a blue eyed blonde and you have brown eyes with black hair,and lastly if you are my brother then why did I not know about you until now" I yelled."Lizzy your not an only child and the reason you haven't heard of me until now is because I left the family but I'm here now because mom and dad died in a car crash so I need to take care of you" Zayn said."stop calling me Lizzy my name's Brianna" I yelled."no your name is Elisabeth Alexis Malik and you're my little sister and I'm now your legal guardian" he said."no no no,when I get away from you sypsyopaths I'm calling the cops" I yelled."Harry she's freaking out get the rag" Zayn said.The one with the curly hair handed Zayn a damp rag.I started kicking and screaming."Niall,Harry,Louis, hold her down and watch out for her teeth she's a biter" Zayn said.The one with the curly hair grabbed my right arm,the one wearin the striped shirt grabbed my left arm,the one with the blonde hair grabbed my legs,and Zayn herald the cloth over my mouth.I tried to escape but it didn't work and I blacked out
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