My Sweet Home

I was inspired by the 'My London' page of ES Magazine. I've used a lot of the same questions, and have added some of my own.


4. WriterMan

WriterMan is a sixteen-year-old poet from Sussex. His poetry writing stemmed from a love for music and song-writing in particular. He found that his lyrics took the form of poetry in many respects so decided to try his hand at some poetic pieces.  To get criticism on his work he joined a writing site, where he received feedback and help on refining his poetry technique. Ever since he has won competitions for his poetry, website, and his work online in general. Although his age may be considered a disadvantage, he see’s it as an opportunity to learn from others and hopefully by starting out young, his writing journey will become an extended one.

WriterMan also writes under his name Ollie Lambert on other social networking sites.


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If you wish to learn more about Ollie Lambert, visit his interview with the Guardian at



Home is…

In a lot of places! I still don’t feel I have quite found my home yet. I often find myself darting between friends and relatives houses sleeping over and so on and so forth. At the moment, home is wherever I am. Of course my main base would be where my sister and mother and father live, in Sussex. But the amount of times we’ve moved… means it just doesn’t quite feel like home for e.


What was the last play/show you saw?

The last play or show I saw would probably be the junior school production of Annie in which I played alto and baritone saxophone. It was great fun helping out the younger ones with their play. The band was formed of senior school pupils and it was great fun. The last professional play I saw however would be The Wizard of Oz, which I watched in the west end a while ago. Neither my sister nor I had ever been to see a performance in the West end, and it was a good day! We really went all out, arriving in the morning having no idea what to go and see, and then after buying tickets to go and see Singing in the Rain (which was also fabulous) ended up buying tickets to The Wizard of Oz that very afternoon. From one show too the next. It was quite a treat!


What advice would you give a tourist?

Well… I was reading an article in the paper the other day, listing the top 100 things to do in the UK. To my surprise, number one was having oysters in Whitstable, which is right next to where I live! So that was rather excited about that. However, as a tourist, you can’t really come to England and not visit London can you?


How would your ideal weekend be spent?

Oh now that is a tough question! Probably either holidaying in somewhere like Venice with my girlfriend. Or a quite weekend in a cottage in the countryside devoted to writing poetry. How perfect would that be!


What’s the first thing you do when you arrive home?

Dump my bags. Then probably sit down with a cup of tea, catch up with the family gossip and check my emails. Just to keep my social media going.


How would you like the opening line of your obituary to read?

Oliver Lambert lived a life worth living.


If you could live in any building which would it be?

One that I own :P


What are your best discoveries?

Poetry, Music, Composing, Song-writing, Piano, Social Media, My girlfriend, and tea!


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

You can guess this… Never give up. Its what everyone says but it is true! I started a year ago writing poetry, and have done ever since, (Okay I have had in total a few months off) and now here I am, with 200+ fans on my Movellas, 600 twitter followers, 400+ friends on my writing facebook account, 200+ likes on my author page, my own website etc. AND I am about to publish my first collection of poems, available on Kindle. The journey is the best bit, don’t give up before its even started.


Which shops do you rely on the most?

Amazon, the supermarkets in which my parents shop for food in order for me to survive, HMV, Waterstones, and Costa.


What animal would you like to be?

A human? Oh you mean other than what I am already!? Well probably a dodo, then I’d be coveted. Haha.


What kind of music do you have on your iPod?

Oh god, my ipod is so old. Seriously there is all kinds of stuff, Michael Buble, Queen, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Tom Dice, Jason Mraz, etc the list is endless. But no recent songs.  To listen to recent music I use spotify on my laptop. My ipod has all the classic old stuff!


What was the last album you bought/downloaded?

Oh… are you supposed to buy music? Haha, I listen to most of my music on spotify, so I can’t really remember.


Who’s your hero?

Superman, duh!


What are you up to at the moment?

Answering these interview questions/social media and my book promotion.


What do you most like wearing?

Clothes. Haha, no honestly, I will wear whatever is available in my chest of draws. I don’t really care much for appearance or fashion. If people like me then I know they like me for who I am.


Where did you last go on holiday?

I did a London/Cambridge tour, but abroad would be last summer to Spain.


What are your plans for the future?

To live life and take it as it comes. Who knows which will take more of a lead, poetry or music. I shall let my path decide.


What’s your favourite place to go for a walk?

The circuit the starts down the lane then through sheep fields and across the train track and back up round the back to my house. Pretty scenery.


What music usually inspires you?



What’s your favourite fictional place?



What are you reading at the moment?

City of Bones (although really slowly)


Who is your favourite book character (from another’s work)?

Not sure I really have one… OH WAIT. Paddington, It’s gotta be. Best bear I know.


Do you prefer writing by with pen and paper or typing on a computer?

Typing I’m afraid. So much quicker!


Do you prefer reading books or eBooks?

I like them both pretty much evenly. I like the feel of a real book. But then eBooks are practical aren’t they!

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