My Sweet Home

I was inspired by the 'My London' page of ES Magazine. I've used a lot of the same questions, and have added some of my own.


3. Nessa Jones

Nessa Jones, 22, has been writing on and off since childhood but never finished writing a story until she was in her late teens.  Since then she has written several short stories, her favourites so far are ‘My Grandparent’s House’ and ‘The Norwegian Massacre’.  Nessa attempts to write frequently used ideas in, what she hopes are, refreshing ways.  Her goal as a writer is to publish one or more of her novels when they are finished, but until then she writes mostly for personal entertainment and as an emotional outlet.

On other social networking websites for writers she often uses the pen name N.S. Jones.

Nessa can be contacted on Facebook (;, Writer’s Café ( Twitter (@tall_ghost_girl) or on Wordpress (  She also publishes drawings, illustrations and photos on deviantArt (


Home is…an old farmer’s market town about a half hour by bus away from Oxford in the United Kingdom that's quickly growing.


What advice would you give a tourist?

Don't go into Bicester Village or Oxford on a Friday, the weekend or during the school holidays, as those their busiest times; better to go during a weekday when it’s a bit less frantic.


What was the last concert you saw?

An anniversary concert by Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen when I was 19.  It's a shame he's gone now as I had been hoping to see another of their concerts.


What was the last film you saw at your nearest cinema?

Breaking Dawn, Part 2.  Edward Cullen is so dreamy!


What’s your favourite high street shop?

I don't have one, as I can buy most things on the net at a much cheaper price than the big retail stores.


What is your favourite shopping street?

It would have to be either Oxford's Broad Street or Westgate.  I like to window shop in those streets, especially in HMV (while it’s still there), Blackwell Music and Waterstone's.


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

"Just be yourself."  Not the most original advice, but since it was given to me in my teens I've always held true to it and now I don't know how else to be.


Which shops do you most rely on?

M&S and Next.  I mostly wait until the sales and buy my clothes then, though I mostly buy the bulk of them on the Net.


What animal would you like to be?

Either a swan or a dolphin; swans seem so graceful, and dolphins look really happy and playful.


What was the last album you downloaded?

The last full album I downloaded was iTunes Originals: Kelly Clarkson.  I don't usually buy a whole album on iTunes as they tend to be on the pricey side, unless I can only get them on iTunes.  I always love listening to interviews, and hearing about what inspires people, what they were thinking about when they were doing something or how they got started in their careers.


What was the last song you downloaded?

Usher’s Yeah.  I don’t generally like Hip Hop and Rap, but I do like this song for some reason.


What are you up to at the moment?

I’m mostly trying to finish my undergraduate degree before 2015, and completing several novels I’ve got going on.


What do you most like wearing?

Jeans and t-shirts or blouses with boots (with or without high heels) and a waistcoat, usually in dark colours like brown, olive green and Prussian blue.


Where did you last go on holiday?

To Cornwall in March 2012 with my parents, and two of my aunts from Hong Kong.  We stayed in a house we rented.  There were several peacocks on the grounds, one of which the owners called George.  Every morning he would come right up to the kitchen door or the French windows in the living room, bold as brass, and knock to get us to feed him.


What are your plans for the future?

Finish my undergraduate degree, and hopefully finish a book and get it published.


What’s your favourite place to go for a walk?

It would have to be one of the National Trust houses, probably Stowe Landscape Gardens, Waddesdon or Upton House.


What music usually inspires you?

All kinds, really.  Rock, Pop, songs from musicals, etc.  Usually I'll hear a word or a phrase that sets off a riot of thoughts in my head and I have to write them down.


What’s your favourite fictional place?

That's a hard question to answer...I think it would be Hogwarts or Alagaesia (Inheritance saga).


Do you have a favourite pen?

It would probably be either my posh brown and gold fountain pen that my parents got me for my sixteenth birthday or a marbled silver and black calligrapher’s pen (it’s a bit like a quill pen but without the feather).

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