The end or the new beginning

Read to find out


3. Chapter 3


Abby's P.O.V.

I woke in Harry's arm. I was bored so I hit Harry with my laser vision. All you hear is him screaming in pain. I splashed water on him laughing my ass off.

"That wasn't nice Abby." He said.


"You woke everyone up."

"Actually you did. Apparently you can't conceal your pain and have to scream like a little girl." I flashed him a devilish smile. 

"Harry make breakfast." Niall complained.

"Ok Niall. Any request?"

"CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kaelin and I screamed.


He walked off while the rest of us stayed and talked.

"You know he likes you right?" Louis asked me.

"Uh huh sure." I reply sarcastically.

"But he does. Go talk to him and read his mind." He told me

I thought about it and got a vision from the past.


We walked into the underground place and Harrys face lit up when his eyes laid upon me.

Harry laughed at all my jokes and made me feel special. He only acted that way to me....

Kaelin's P.O.V.

"Umm is she ok?" Zayn asked me.

"Oh yeah she's just getting a vision."

"Oh. Ok!" Louis said.

I stood and went to help Harry with the pancakes.

"Neec help?" I ask a flour covered Harry.

"No. I can do it myself." 

"Uh huh sure. Dude I can read minds so shut up and pass me the spatula."

"Wait if you can read minds can you also send messages to people?"

"I don't know. Wanna find out?"


I sent him a message saying something along the lines of 'I know you like my sister. You hurt her I'll hurt you.'

Harry's P.O.V.

really? I thouht back to her.

'Yes now man up and ask her out'

ok you can handle making pancakes by yourself?

"No shit. Now adios." she said and I walked out of the kitchen.

I saw them sitting and chattering away. Niall was the first to notice me, his face full of hope. I shook my head no.

"Um, Abby can I talk to you for a moment.... else where?" I said

"Sure Harry. Anything for you." she replied sweetly. Oh how I love her voice....

We walked into a secret room only I know about.  It had a bed full of feathers. We sat on it and sank in. We shared a laugh.

"Umm please don't shock me but will you go out with me?" I said in a voice barely louder than a whisper.

"I'm sorry. What?"

"I said will you go out with me?" I asked this time my voice full of braveness and strength.

"Of course I will. I've been waiting for you to ask." She smiled.

I hope Niall was having as much luck as me.

We walked out and back,  where everyone was eating pancakes. Then suddenly I heard Kaelin say, "You guys. I think it's over. There isn't that eerie presence anymore. I'll be back. Niall come with."


They stood and walked towards the stairs leading to the world above. We watched then until we couldn't see them anymore.


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