The end or the new beginning

Read to find out


1. Chapter 1


A/N Anything written like 'this' is them thinking.

Kaelin's P.O.V.

I was underground with my twin Abby, our little brother Owen, Alexa, Eleanor, Mackenna and One Direction. We were hiding out from the fight that was going on above. Nuclear bombs, fire, the whole explosives group. Somehow this whole world war started. It's like world war 7. I know we haven't had a world war 3, 4, 5, and 6 but this one was so huge it was all of them combined.

I should probably explain everything so here goes. Russia started it by attacking Canada. Germany joined Canada because Russians and Germans don't get along. Britain went with Russia because Germans and Britains have a weird history. Ireland and Scotland joined Canada because they're rebelling against Britain. (Is that even allowed?)

We ended up below ground because of Eleanor. Well kinda. You see Eleanor is dating Louis who is apart of One Direction, who had this little shelter built. And by little I mean you could fit the entire population of Owen Sound in here. (Owen Sound has like 22000 people. JS.) Abby, Alexa, Mackenna and I are all Eleanor's bestfriends so she brought us. Abby and I brought Owen because he means the world to us... and because our parents told us to keep him safe. So now we are all in this shelter waiting for this stupid war to be over.

Everyone else was sitting in a circle doing who knows what. I was exploring looking for something to do and I found a photography room, a gymnasium, a workout area, and a supply closet that was in the gym. Stuff we've never seen before even though we've been here for a little while. Like five days. I went and opened the closet. Inside I found dodgeballs and other stuff you'd find in a school gym. I smiled. Good memories.

"Hey guys! Come here! I found something!" I yelled at them. 

They ran into the gym and I pelted them with dodgeballs. We divided into two teams. Abby, Harry, Niall, Louis, Eleanor and I against Liam, Alexa, Zayn, Mackenna and Owen.

"Hey Bradford Bad Boi!" I yelled at Zayn.

He looked up at me and I hit him square in the face.

"Oops. Sorry Zayn." I yelled again.

Kenna looked a little pissed and she took aim and 'tried' to hit me. But I have amazing reflexes and stood there while the ball flew pass me. I smiled and taunted her. 

The game went on for a while and after about 20 minutes it was just me and Liam left. Time to kick his ass. I threw and it just missed. Shit. He threw two at me. I stood there and yawned as they missed me.

"Is that all you got Payne. C'mon you throw like a baby girl." I say taunting him.

I grabbed a ball and threw it backwards. I just about hit him. Since we were playing below the waist it didn't count. Liam tried showing me up and threw backwards as well. I laughed as it hit Niall who was sitting on the bleachers with everyone else. I grabbed the ball about to throw and I thought something. I dropped the ball. Every one gasped. I sat down in the middle of my teams half. Liam cocked his head at me. I looked at Abby. She knew what I was doing. You see we could read each others minds, along with everyone elses minds, because our parents needed money they put us in a scientific expirement. Let me tell you about it.

We were three and our mum was pregnant with Owen. Abby and I were playing a game in the backyard. We were more advanced then most three year olds. Anyways our dad was reading the newspaper. I could tell something was wrong not for them but for us. Then our dad came picked us up and put us in the car, Did up our booster and drove off. We went to this large building. Both of our eyes grew wide. They weren't putting us up for adoption were they? Our dad then took us into the building and requested to speak to Dr.Montgomery. He came and told our dad that the side affect of whatever they were going to do to us is superpowers. Our dad didn't care. He just wanted the money. Then Dr.Montgomery said he had to sign some form promising that he wouldn't sue if we died. He signed the paper, took the money and said he'd back in three days to come get us then he left.

Dr.Montgomery could tell that we were special but didn't trust us. He strapped us to a table and injected us with a needle filled with wierd green looking stuff. He then fed us these dehydrated orange things. Suddenly I heard Abby's voice in my head saying that she was scared and wanted mum. I told her she'd be ok. Three days later our dad came back and got us. Dr.Montgomery didn't tell him the expirement worked or that we had the side affects.

Now back to the game. I told Abby that I was going to levitate, scare the shit out of Liam then pelt him with dodgeballs. I guess it isn't fair that I was cheating but they never said don't use superpowers. Abby told me ok but I might be classified as a weirdo. I then replied that so would she. She laughed and told me to end the game. I guess it was getting boring. So I set my plan into action. 

I started levitating. The boys looked at me like I was some freak except Owen. I then used my torch ability (Abby got the flying ability) and lit up. After Liam was scared shitless I used telekinises and pelted him with dodgeballs. The game was over and my team won. It wasn't exactly a fair game but it was fun.

The five boys bombarded me with questions. 

"Yes Abby has powers as well. No Owen doesn't. Yes the girls knew. They kept it a secret because we told them to. No I am not a freak. Yes I have other powers. No my parents don't know. There is no fucking way I would tell the government. They would lock Abby and I away and make us fight this battle. I want to live a normal life. Grow up and get married. Have kids that'll probably be mutant freaks like me." I answered all there questions but one. How?

"Umm I'm going to make supper now..... Bye!" I said then superspeeded off.

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