I changed because of you ...

Hi , my name is Celine Horan , Niall 's horan little sister , and yes niall from one direction . When he left for X Factor it took a hard turn for me , all my friends asking for autographs , saying how he is hot , asking where my talent is , and really brought me down , hard. I knew I had to change . I can't wait to see the expression on his face now .


3. Where do I begin?

" where do I begin , niall take as seat " my mother replied
I slowly sat down as she started the story....
" it was the day after we got told you got through X factor , she was so happy until everyone asked for your clothes , autographs , it drove her crazy . She was up all night , one night , looking in the mirror , saying over and over " I want to change , I want to change .. " we walke in to check in her she told us to " fuck off " , we got so angry , " how dare you Celine ! We have raised you better then that " dad yelled at her . She looked at dad and said " niall always said that ! Wait I know , I should get out if your life huh?!? Is that better , Niall is your everything ! " she was screaming and tearing up . We stood there shock , she grabbed her keys and wallet , and said I will be back later . She was crying . Anyways we went to bed , and about 2:00 am we heard someone come through , with a couple of bags . It was Thursday late night shopping , that night . We woke up to a girl who had changed . Who yelled at us , we said " we love you , we only care about your grades ! Okay " we looked at her , and she blurted " we'll I care abouty appearance grabbed her back , and walked out the door . When I started to clean her room , i found her hair dye , make up , bags of clothes , and one thing that brought us to shock "
Mum started to tear up , whilst dad put his hand on her shoulder ,
" what " I said , they didn't answer
" WHAT WAS IT " I screamed
Mum time a deep breath and said
" a knife with blood "
I was shocked , I stopped , I teared up .
" we saw her cuts , and tried to comfort her , it didn't work . "
Mum was ballisticling crying so dad toke over
" she comes home , drunk most nights , with diffrent boys , and sometimes doesn't come home . She has had sex countless times . And our baby girl has gone .. " he was crying too .
" that's it ," I said , I grabbed my coat and got my keys , I walked out and drove down to king at , where she usually was , I saw the jeep, jumped out and walked to the club , inside .

Then I saw her , making out with a boy , half drunk ,
" CELINE " I yell ,
She stops and looks over , she rolls her eyes , and starts making out with him again .
I walk over , grab , her wallet phone and keys , grab her arm , and drag her out
Into the car , she try's to run but I firmly get a grip ,
" GET OFF ME " she screams
" Celine we need to talk , I threw her in the car put the seatbelt on her , I jump in the drivers side get in and lock the doors .
" looks like YOUR not going anywhere " I smirk ,
She rolls her eyes , " we dont have all day " she blurts
" I have all day " I look at her
" niall spit it out now ! " she replied
" why did you change "
She looks at me , and takes a deep breath .
" I ........
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