I changed because of you ...

Hi , my name is Celine Horan , Niall 's horan little sister , and yes niall from one direction . When he left for X Factor it took a hard turn for me , all my friends asking for autographs , saying how he is hot , asking where my talent is , and really brought me down , hard. I knew I had to change . I can't wait to see the expression on his face now .


7. Truth Or Dare ;) part 2


"i dare you too , make out with Rory" he smirked 

Rory and I didnt care , we do it all the time , so it wasnt a shock .

i walked over to rory , and sat in his lap . His muscled arms gripped my tiny waist , and my arms where around his neck. i looked at Niall , who was about to puke , then two dark brown eyes stared at me , filled with angwish and lusk . it was Zayn , he wasnt happy at all . Why ? 

Rory leaned in , and with howls from the other boys , his pink lips touched mine . He didnt waist one minute , and he licked my bottom lip for entry . i granted and we started to get right into it . I put my danity hands into his messy brown hair and he played with my long blonde hair . I didnt feel any butterflys , so it was kinda boring .  About 3 minutes later , the 'Session' stopped . it was a quick one.

i kissed rorys cheek before , standing up and moving over to my seat next to louis and niall . Zayn still staring at me with anger . whats his problem today.

" whose next boys ? " i asked , before continuing " hmmm Louis , truth or dare ? " 

" dare " he repiled licking his lips .

" i dare you to, hmm , give liam a hickey . Everyone started laughing.

"uhm , well then , liam , yeah , okay " he stuttered . 

Liam looked so uncomfortable , it was hilarous . 

After that was done , everyone calmed down for the next one. 

" zayn truth or dare " louis asked wiggling his eye brows .

" dare " he said staring at me . well okay then ..

"  i dare you to kiss Celine. " he said . Niall looked furious and all the guys chuckled . 

Zayn got up and came to me ....



Zayns POV 

Once he said to kiss Celine , i had mixed emotions.

i was happy , got damn , that girl got to me , in a way i had never thought . 

even watching her make out with rory , flustered me , so when lou said that i was over the moon .

i got up , and grabbed Celine's hand , to pull her up . She smiled at me so i just went for it . 

I placed my lips above hers then smashed them together , i immediatly , grabbed her waist , and she pushed her hands through my messily tossed black hair . i felt so many butterflys urrupt .

Our lips moved in sync , and we kissed for about 2 minutes . we both went out and i looked in her eyes , and she smirked .

" easy there tiger " she whispered . Giving me a wink 

She was perfect . Beyond Words .

i looked over to the  boys , who where whistling , but Niall wasnt . 

He was furious . 





Oh no , whats niall going to do ?? Who doesnt look happy . What do you guys think ?

Love Caity xx

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