I changed because of you ...

Hi , my name is Celine Horan , Niall 's horan little sister , and yes niall from one direction . When he left for X Factor it took a hard turn for me , all my friends asking for autographs , saying how he is hot , asking where my talent is , and really brought me down , hard. I knew I had to change . I can't wait to see the expression on his face now .


5. Rory the Race Car ;)


The doorbell rang, and ran downstairs. I opened it . " ror......... who are you ?!?! " it wasnt rory . " the brown haired lad , with the striped shirt spoke up . " i am louis , louis tomlinson . " nice to met you . the darked skin with black hair , was about to speak up , but the i saw a black ford pull up . i pushed past them and ran to door . He got out and i jumped into his arms. my legs wrapped around his waist , i gave him the biggest hug. " RORRRRRRRRRY " i screamed in his ear . " CELINNNNNNNNE " he screamed back hugging me tight . I finally got down . " come on come on , inside " i grabbed his hand and pulled him throught the mystery boys and up the stairs to my room , i closed the door and we started chatting. 


i walked down after i heard celine being like who are you , then screamed rory . I guessed they were here . ' Niall mate , whos that chick " harry said . " well she is , my um , yeah , ummm, my sister " i muttered . " WHAAAAAAAT " they yelled . "my sister" i said back. " well she is fit " harry said. " i prefer if we didnt talk about my sister like that " i said quietly . " well harry i think she has a boyfriend." louis said , " nupppppp" i said popping the 'p' . " harry she is yourse " zayn said winking at me . " so what to do " i said . " TRUTH OR DARE " Louis screamed...


" niall, where your sisters room . " up the stairs first door on the left. " He replied . " okay thanks " i walked up the stairs , and knocked on the door. 


i heard a knock so i opened the door , harry was standing there . " hey whatttchaaaa want " i said , " wanna play Truth or Dare . " sure , commeeee on rorrrrry! " he got up grabbed my hand and walked past harry . i grabbed harrys and we all went down the stairs . ' greaat, truth or dare .... just great ' 

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