The Night That Changed Everything

Nora was a regular teenage girl just wanting to fit in . But after her and her Bestfriend Danielle get invited to a party things start to change for the worse , will Nora and Danielle ever be happy again , or will they have to be haunted by that night for the rest of their lives?


2. Chapter 2

" So what do you think you're going to wear ?" I ask Danielle as we're getting into her Hummer . "Uhm, I'm not really sure yet, maybe a mini skirt with a cute too?" She says as she's pulling out of the parking lot where I just bought my dress. "Yeah that'd be cute. Hey I'm hungry , can we go to BDubs ? " I ask as my stomach makes an awkward sound. "Haha, yeah . I haven't ate all day." "Yeah me either." I say as I lay my head back on the seat. As we are about to park a big truck speeds into the place we were gonna park at. "Hey asshole we were gonna park there!" I yell in anger . "Dumbass guys and their friends I swear." Danielle says in an annoyed tone. "Girl you don't have to tell me twice." I say as Im looking back to see who the hell just took our spot. A boy with brown shaggy hair hops out of the car and so does his friends. "Oh, Im about to go off ." I say to Danielle with a pissed off look. "Get 'em girl. Hahaha." She says as if not taking me seriously. As we get out of the car we walk over to the guys who had taken our spot. "Hey jackass thanks for taking our spot!" I yell . The guy with the shaggy hair turns around, damn was he fine. But I couldn't let him know that.. He looked perfect Brown shaggy hair , kinda covering his brown eyes. He smiles and says " I didn't see your name on it?" He says in a tone as if he didn't care what I said. "No shit, but we were obviously about to park there.." I say acting like a big smartass . "My bad , didn't mean to ruin your perfect day madam ." He says with a laugh "Oh and by the way , it's chad .. Not jackass. " I smile , I couldn't help it. "Oh..." That's all I could say , I barely knew this guy and I am already having a major crush? What the hell? "Haha, looks like someone has a crush on Mr. Jackass." Danielle says and hits my arm in a jokingly hit. "Yeah yeah , shuttup. Lets just go eat Im starving!"
(Hope you guys like my story I'll keep updating!)
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