The Night That Changed Everything

Nora was a regular teenage girl just wanting to fit in . But after her and her Bestfriend Danielle get invited to a party things start to change for the worse , will Nora and Danielle ever be happy again , or will they have to be haunted by that night for the rest of their lives?


1. Chapter 1

" Do you think this dress makes me look fat? " I ask my Bestfriend Danielle . "No , you look fine for the 50th time now.." She says in an annoyed tone , cause I've been trying dresses on all day because of an once in a lifetime party we got invited to, but hey we're 17 , and we finally get invited to Connor Bundchen's party!
"Sorry , I just really want to look good for this party. Conn-"
"Connor Bunchen finally invited us .. I know." She says cutting me off. "Haha, yeah. Ya' know I heard James is getting a ride from Dillon , so James will be there!" I say winking at her cause she has a huge crush on that kid. "Yeah , true. But that peasant Dillon is going to be there , ugh I hate him... Why did I ever date him!?" She says angrily with her face turning red from being mad. "Haha! Hell if I know.. And you're not the only one who hates him.." I say with a laugh . "Haha , true." She says as she's adjusting her shirt her dad got her from his buisness trip in England . "We'll , I think Im getting this dress." I say walking out of the dressing room wearing a tight short black dress that had one sleeve and the other side showing off my shoulder . "That looks good, Thats my favorite . You should get it! " She says with two thumbs up. "Yep I'm getting it!" I say with a big smile on my face.
- Hope you guys like it , my first story I've done on here . I'll update later (:
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