It All Started at Nandos...

Spencer was just a normal girl until she met Niall. They instantly fell in love, but will Niall leaving for X-Factor put their love in risk. Together they fight through all the hate and struggles, but every minute, they're wondering when it will all end.


7. Worried

I waited outside of my door in shock for a couple more seconds before quickly going into my apartment. I went to my couch and sat cross legged for a while. I had a mix of feelings, shock, happiness, worry, and sadness. After a while I figured I should go to bed and get some rest, but it took another hour for me to finally fall asleep. I woke up early the next morning at around 6 for some reason, I usually slept in late. I reached for my phone, hoping Niall would have called or texted, but no. My heart kind of dropped when i saw that I had no new notifications. I slowly got up and made myself a bowl of cereal. I took my bowl and phone over to my couch, but didn't bother to turn the TV on. Just like last night, I sat there, doing nothing, just slowly having spoonfulls of Lucky Charms. I kept staring at my phone that was on the coffee table in front of me, waiting for the screen to light up with some kind of message, but nothing happened. A couple times I thought of calling him myself, but kept talking myself out of it. At about 8 I picked up my phone and just called him, without thinking. It felt like forever until it went to voicemail, which wasnt even set up. Just a stupid, annoying animated robot recording. I decided to take a shower after that to wake me up a little. About 45 minutes later I came out into my living room in sweats and soaking wet hair dripping down my back. I checked my phone, and it finally had a notification. I eagerly went to my messages and saw that there was one new text from Niall that just read "About last night..."

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