It All Started at Nandos...

Spencer was just a normal girl until she met Niall. They instantly fell in love, but will Niall leaving for X-Factor put their love in risk. Together they fight through all the hate and struggles, but every minute, they're wondering when it will all end.


6. The Date (Part 3)

After about 15 minutes the waiter came over and asked for our order. Niall ordered the Chicken Alfredo and I ordered Spaghetti . At around 9:30 we finished and left. They taxi ride home was filled with lots of laughter, we were constantly doing and saying stuff to make each other laugh. When the taxi pulled up to my place I was a little disappointed  that I had to go. "This was really fun. Hopefully we can do it again," I said to Niall as I got out of the car. "Wait a minute," he quickly exclaimed while getting out of the car "I'll walk you up." He looked at me with a wide grin on his face. He quickly walked over to me, trying to catch up. I blushed, getting a little nervous for some reason. The walk up to my place was quiet, no words at all. When we finally got to my door, I turned around to look at Niall. I could see he was playing around with his hands, not exactly looking up at me. After a couple of seconds he looked up at me, kissed my cheek, and quickly walked away with no words spoken, leaving me speechless as well. 

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