It All Started at Nandos...

Spencer was just a normal girl until she met Niall. They instantly fell in love, but will Niall leaving for X-Factor put their love in risk. Together they fight through all the hate and struggles, but every minute, they're wondering when it will all end.


4. The Date (Part 1)

The next few hours passed quickly, and by the time 8 rolled around everything was perfect. My hair looked awesome and my outfit was really cute looking put all together. I went to my mirror and made sure everything was in place when all of a sudden I heard a knock on the door. I smiled at myself in the mirror and then quickly walked over to the door and waited a second before I opened it. When I opened the door I saw Niall standing there, looking perfect. He had on a pair of dark jeans, bright white supras, and a red plaid shirt. He held a small bouquet of beautiful flowers, simple but effective. He had a big cheeky smile on, and it made me smile too. "You look amazing," he said while handing me the flowers. "Are these for me," I asked. Kind of a stupid question but I don't think he cared. "Why of course me lady," he replied with a little bow. I laughed and brought them into the house. I signaled for him to come into the house. He looked behind himself, as if I was talking to another person. He looked back at me and pointed at himself with a confused face. "Yes you," I laughed. "Who else would I be talking to?" He laughed with a shrug, answering my question. I could see he was blushing and I guessed I probably was as well. After I put the flowers in a vase, I got my purse and we left. He took me to the taxi, since both of us were too young to drive. Niall gave the address to the driver and then leaned back into his seat. We looked at each other for a couple seconds and then started giggling because it was too serious. We didn't talk to much just the regular "How was your day?" and stuff like that. About 10 minutes later we got to the restaurant and it was amazing. The place was so fancy. I felt like a princess just standing next to it. When we went inside it was even more amazing. I looked over at Niall and he looked just as amazed. It must have been his first time as well. He looked back at me, smiled, and grabbed my hand.

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