It All Started at Nandos...

Spencer was just a normal girl until she met Niall. They instantly fell in love, but will Niall leaving for X-Factor put their love in risk. Together they fight through all the hate and struggles, but every minute, they're wondering when it will all end.


2. The Call

I had left Nando's about 20 minutes after Niall left. The whole time I walked home I was smiling. Everytime I saw a couple, I thought that soon Niall and I would be like that. I know it was weird  that we had only met a half an hour ago, but there was something about him that made me comfortable with him.

I finally got home and took a few minutes to take all my winter clothes off. I put them on the coat hook  allowing them to dry off, the snow sure did make them wet. I got into my pajamas and made myself a hot fudge sundae. I loved to eat, especially deserts and junk food.... and Nandos. I lived alone in Mullingar, Ireland, a very small town. My Mother died when I was little, and my Dad moved to another part of Ireland with my Step-Mother. He was kind enough to let me buy my own apartment to live in. I just loved Mullingar so much and didn't want to leave.

I headed over to the couch and turned on the TV. The Big Bang Theory, my favorite show, was on so I put the remote down and started eating my hot fudge sundae. About three and a half hours later I looked at the clock which read 10:07. "Wow, I've been watching TV that long," I thought to myself while yawning, "Better get to bed." I slowly got off the couch and put my dish in the sink. After I had brushed my teeth and done everything I had to, I pulled back my bed sheets and crawled into bed. I was a little disappointed that Niall hadn't called. I tried to think of positive things, but negative things just kept popping into my mind. Maybe the call he had was some special occasion tonight..... Or maybe he just didn't like me and it was a joke. I really hoped that he would call in the morning, because he could only call me. I never asked for his number, which I now was looking at as a mistake. About 30 minutes later I feel asleep. 

I woke up at about 10:15 to the ringing of my phone. I slowly picked it up assuming it was Dad since he usually called on the weekends. I answered with a groggy "Hello." "Hey Spencer, it's Niall," came from the other end and I shot up. "Hi Niall, sorry I just woke up a couple minutes ago," I replied with a big smile on my face. I wanted to yell "HE CALLED," but decided not to. "Sorry I didn't call last night, I had to go visit my parents. They don't live around here and by the time I got back to my place it was 9:30, so I decided to call this morning, " he quickly said to me. I had heard so many Irish accents since I lived in Ireland, but his was just amazing. "Oh it's ok, no sweat," I replied with a disgusted look, noticing how awkward that sounded. "So, I was wondering would you like to go out tonight, maybe to The Silver Oak?" Oh my god, the Silver Oak? It was such a fancy restaurant. I had only heard about it. "Sure. I'd loved to. I'll meet you there at 8ish," I questioned. "Oh no. This is a date. I'm picking you up. Whats your address?" I blushed a little. Niall was being a true gentlemen and I was loving it. He was a mix of funny, charming, and romantic. I gave him my address and we said a few more words and then ended the call. The only thing I was thinking of, was that this date was going to be amazing.

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