It All Started at Nandos...

Spencer was just a normal girl until she met Niall. They instantly fell in love, but will Niall leaving for X-Factor put their love in risk. Together they fight through all the hate and struggles, but every minute, they're wondering when it will all end.


1. A Perfect January Day

It All Started at a Nandos, in January 2009. It was one of my favorite places to go to to grab a quick bite to eat. The people there were always friendly and I had been going there for a while. Their Perri-Perri chicken.... amazing. One day, I was sitting at a booth on my laptop, scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, wasting a perfect snowy day inside. I looked outside and saw a cute couple goofing off and having a snowball fight in the freshly fallen snow. It made me sad, seeing people having perfect relationships, when no boy was ever interested in me. All of a sudden, I heard the bell above the door jingle, interrupting my thoughts and making me jump a little. I looked up from my laptop to see who had entered, maybe a friend I could talk to and socialize with, but it wasn't. It was a flawless blonde boy, with crooked teeth and the most perfect face. I had never seen him before, which was weird. I knew almost all the people that went there. I wanted to introduce myself to him, he had this look that just made  him look lovable and friendly, but shy me didnt have the guts to. After he placed his order he stood at the counter waiting while looking out the window next to me. I was guessing he was looking at the couple. He then changed his glance and looked at me. We made eye contact and he smiled at me. I smiled back at him as he kept staring at me. He finally stopped when the woman behind the counter told him his total amount. He reached into his wallet and then a shocked yet embarrassed look appeared on his face. I overheard him say to the woman that he was about $5 short. Before he could say anything, I jumped out of my seat and quickly walked up to him. "I overheard your situation and would gladly help," I said while handing him a $5 bill I had. "Oh no I possibly couldn't take your money," he replied. "Please, I insist." He looked at me for a minute and then took it with a smile on his face. "Thank you very much." I nodded and then walked back to my seat, blushing. I went back to Facebook and then realized that the guy was coming over to me. "Is anyone sitting here, your boyfriend possibly," he said. "Oh no, I dont have a boyfriend," I quickly answered with a fake laugh, trying to hide my pain of being single. "Really? You'd expect  a pretty girl like yourself to have one," he said with a wink while smiling. Before I could answer, his phone went off and he answered. After the call ended he said he had to go and he was sorry. "I feel really bad sitting here randomly and then leaving. Let me make it up to you, by taking you on a date since you have no boyfriend," He said laughing with a wink, "What's your number?" I told him my number and he smiled. "Ok, and I'm Niall,"he said holding out his hand. I took it and replied saying "And I'm Spencer." "Well Spencer, I will call you later," he said with a smile as he left. 

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