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- So basically, Meggie (Mang08) and I decided to share our favorite stories with you! We'll update as much as possible and give you the title, author, basic plot, our thoughts on it, and our rate out of ten on the story! We hope you'll enjoy our choices and we'll try to cover every catergory, even if we don't enjoy some types as much as others! Thanks, anyone who reads. Ask us to read yours and we'll attempt! As long as you favorite!


5. Walking In Slow Motion

Title- Walking In Slow Motion


Author- Kameka H.


Basic Plot- The young girl feels extremely ordinary compared to her family. Her sister has the most popular boyfriend in school, her mom has favorites aside from her, and she has dark hair and dark eyes unlike the rest of her family. When a classmate helps her take up video editing, she discovers she's not so different at all.


My thoughts- The story is beautifully written, no surprise there. :) She gives great detail and the dialogue is beautiful and realistic. But, it's not finished.


Rate- 10



- Kierstinnn

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