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- So basically, Meggie (Mang08) and I decided to share our favorite stories with you! We'll update as much as possible and give you the title, author, basic plot, our thoughts on it, and our rate out of ten on the story! We hope you'll enjoy our choices and we'll try to cover every catergory, even if we don't enjoy some types as much as others! Thanks, anyone who reads. Ask us to read yours and we'll attempt! As long as you favorite!


6. Slave Auction

Title- Slave Auction


Author- Rileyes


Basic Plot- Jenna goes to a school where they have an annual slave auction. The seniors bid on the Freshman girls to do whatever they want and live with them for a week. Jenna is the 'Last Girl' or the hottest freshman. Liam Payne bids on her over Harry Styles. It's not finished so, yeah.


My Thoughts- While the first thing I said to my co-author was, "I don't really want to put up fan fictions. I want them to be legit good stories for people to read". I do think this story deserves recognition. She is a very good writer and, in my opinion, the story is excellent.


Rate- 8.5




- Kierstinnn

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