Recommended Reads!

- So basically, Meggie (Mang08) and I decided to share our favorite stories with you! We'll update as much as possible and give you the title, author, basic plot, our thoughts on it, and our rate out of ten on the story! We hope you'll enjoy our choices and we'll try to cover every catergory, even if we don't enjoy some types as much as others! Thanks, anyone who reads. Ask us to read yours and we'll attempt! As long as you favorite!


3. Samera

Title~ Samera

Author~ snowglobe10


Basic Plot~ A young peasant girl, Samera, from the lower part of the kingdom has a chance meeting with a young prince, Khyber. Khyber becomes interested in the going ons of the kingdom and learns things that maybe he shouldn`t. Samera is to be married to a man named Omer. Omer is in love with Samera but is she in love with him the way that she should be? Or has someone else caught her eye?


My Thoughts~ So my thoughts on this story are that it is amazing. It`s not completely finished but it is still written very well and is very captivating as well. I love reading this story, it is different from the typical prince and princess tales. I definitely recommend it!


Rate: 9.999999999..... (just cause I feel like being difficult like that) just kidding it`s a total 10!


~Meggie <3


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