Recommended Reads!

- So basically, Meggie (Mang08) and I decided to share our favorite stories with you! We'll update as much as possible and give you the title, author, basic plot, our thoughts on it, and our rate out of ten on the story! We hope you'll enjoy our choices and we'll try to cover every catergory, even if we don't enjoy some types as much as others! Thanks, anyone who reads. Ask us to read yours and we'll attempt! As long as you favorite!


11. My Brother's Best Friend

Title- My Brother's Bestfriend.


Author- The Artist.


Basic Plot- London's brother's best friend was her worst night mare. He used to bully her, really bully her. He moved away but, is coming to visit for the summer. But, things are different, now.


My thoughts- The story isn't very far along but, so far the story line is brilliant! You feel London's pain and fear and all of her emotions, really, so well. She has excellent spelling and grammar.


Rate- 9!




- Kierstinnn.

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