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- So basically, Meggie (Mang08) and I decided to share our favorite stories with you! We'll update as much as possible and give you the title, author, basic plot, our thoughts on it, and our rate out of ten on the story! We hope you'll enjoy our choices and we'll try to cover every catergory, even if we don't enjoy some types as much as others! Thanks, anyone who reads. Ask us to read yours and we'll attempt! As long as you favorite!


10. Inspirational/Encouraging Quotes

Title(s)- 50 and 1 Inspirational Quotes, 50 and 2 Inspirational Quotes and 50 and 3 Encouraging Quotes.


Author- Uncle Mitchy Kay


Basic Plot- Inspirational Quotes.


My Thoughts- I always allow him to know what a wonderful job he's done but, I don't think he understands how much they affect me personally. If you're down or in need for deep thought, go here.


Rate- 10.




- Kierstinnn.

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