Kat is a insecure senior at Westview high school and she is very talented, she writes her own songs, she plays the piano , but she's to shy to share her gift. There's a talent show and her best friend Jennet signs kat up for the talent show and everything goes down hill from there.


8. The discovery

Zayn: hey, kat are you busy?
Kat: ummm no but I'm about to goto the gym.
Zayn: umm when can we met?
Kat:uh you can come to the gym with me if you like or you can wait.
Zayn: I'll meet you at the gym
Kat ok see you there.bye.


Hey kat I wanted to talk to you about the tour . We will be leaving in a week and your coming with use to be the opening act.

Kat: ok that's fine but bring gym clothes be cause if your gonna work out with me your gonna wanna be comfort able

Later on the basketball court:

Zayn: I hope you don't think your better than me at basketball I'm the champion.
Kat: sure ok basketball MVP since 6th grade so sure zayn.
The game got intense he almost caught up but if he hadn't of tripped we would of tied when he fell he tripped me and I fell
on top of him and he kissed me.
Kat: woh what are you doing I have a boyfriend named ricky I should probably go.

Zayn: umm I'm
Cutting him off she said stop and she left.

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