Kat is a insecure senior at Westview high school and she is very talented, she writes her own songs, she plays the piano , but she's to shy to share her gift. There's a talent show and her best friend Jennet signs kat up for the talent show and everything goes down hill from there.


7. hangin w/ 1D

 { Later that day Jen&Kat went and hung out with onedirection they went to the hotel p.s im srry directioners that  like louis  harry and zayn}

"Hi  do you know what room onedirection is in? My name is Kat& this  is Jen ''

''Yes they said you would be coming room 503  10th floor''

''thank you''


louis: who is it''

kat:Its jennet and kat''

louis: come in, hi you look really beautiful both of you                                 ''thank you,I felt my cheeks turn red and jen shot me a look telling me to cool it,all of a suddenallm of the boy's came out there room's and jenn screamed so hard she couldnt contain herself. i kept my cool she didn

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