Kat is a insecure senior at Westview high school and she is very talented, she writes her own songs, she plays the piano , but she's to shy to share her gift. There's a talent show and her best friend Jennet signs kat up for the talent show and everything goes down hill from there.


9. Awkward

YKat: I haven't talked to zayn in a while I've seen him but we didn't speak .you know how you see your crush in the hallway or at school and and yourheart is beating fast then you remember wat you like about them that's how it felt .

Zayn: Harry, louis,niall and liam said I should apolgize but kat won't talk to me or even look at me she'll only talk to Louis,Niall,Harry and liam everyone but me. I feel kinda horrible. I'll ask louis to help me make things better. All of a sudden kat comes crying with a phone in her hand I asked her what's wrong and she just held me tight cring her eye's out because Ricky is going away and is breaking up with her.

Zayn I really really do like you but I don't know if this will work then he kissed me so passionatly then I kissed him back and I felt like I was drowning in a pool of lust then he pulled away then I felt a craving for more .
Zayn: Do you think it will work now .?

Kat: then I kissed him with the most passion and then I guess we were offical
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