Kat is a insecure senior at Westview high school and she is very talented, she writes her own songs, she plays the piano , but she's to shy to share her gift. There's a talent show and her best friend Jennet signs kat up for the talent show and everything goes down hill from there.


5. Auditions

''I'm very nervous because i really dont sing  in front of people so to melow my self i turned on one direction, there my favorite band.''

''number 1D32"someone called

''that's me i will be singing 1+1  by beyonce''

some one said go ahead in a british accent i recognized but i went ahead and ignored the thought in my head.

''so i started:if i aint got nothing i got you,hey if i aint nothing i dont give a damn cause i got it with u............ when i finished they brought out the suprise guest it wasnt rihanna it as one direction. I was totally wigging out''

Zayn:''your voice is incredable i enjoyed every second''                           Harry:''you sang with so much passion you were truly extrorinharry''     Niall:Your voice is so beautieful it made me wanna cry''                           Louis:I have  no word   ''                                                                                   Liam:you needto be more confident you have a incredible  voice''

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