Summer with 1D

Lindsey and Hailey get to spend four months with one direction. Thier both 17 and their best friends. Lets see how it goes.


3. Plane

Lindey's point of view.

We all got in the car and were on our way. Hailey and I don't like to listen to the music her mum listens to. So we got our own music so sometimes we just listen to each others or the same one. We stopped at McDonalds before we got to the air port to fly to London. We ate our food and said our good byes.

"bye mum I love you so much" said hailey.

"I love you to babe" her mum said back to her.

"bye i love you lindsey" said her mum.

" i love you too." I said.

And we hugged on more time and me and Hailey got on the plane. I was kind of nervous because I've never been on a plane before. But we both fell asleep and before I knew it we were there. 

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