Summer with 1D

Lindsey and Hailey get to spend four months with one direction. Thier both 17 and their best friends. Lets see how it goes.


2. Getting ready to leave

After me and Lindsey got done hugging. I drug her up stairs into my room.

"Omg Lindsey we get to meet One Direction" I said.

"I know I can not believe it" Lindsey said.

"What if Louis starts liking you" I said

"What is Harry starts liking you" Lindsey said back.

"You might have to call the popo" I said.

"But seriously we get to spend four months with them. So what did you bring?" she asked. 

"Ohhh. You know, like everything in my closet." I said.

"Meee too! When do we leave?" She said.

"We really need to leave in 20" I said.




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