Summer with 1D

Lindsey and Hailey get to spend four months with one direction. Thier both 17 and their best friends. Lets see how it goes.


1. Waking up

Haileys point of view

"wake up. It's your big day. We have to get going so were not late to meet that boy band you like." my mum said. "Dont forget we have to pick up lindsey." I said. Lindsey is my best friend. pretty much my sister. "well then get up! Because I want to spend time with you guys before you leave for four months." she said almost yelling. "okay" i sighed. I got up and went in the bathroom. I  was standing by the sink and I looked up in the mirror and smiled. Then I though to myself. This is the big day I get to meet one direction. A once in a lifetime chance I have to look really good. After my shower I went in my room and stood in front of my closet. "what in the world am I going to wear" I said to myself. So I decided to wear some black leggings, brown boots, a black tank top with a green half shirt that goes over it. After that I put on a little make up and I brushed my hair. I dont have to do anything with my hair because its naturally straight. I went down stairs and my mum was gone so I called her. "hello" my mum said. "where are you?" I asked. "I went to pick up lindsey were on our way back now." she said. "alright i love you." i said. Then she hung up. Wow nice mum not even an I love you back. I went in my room and started packing. I packed all my jeans and shorts. All my cute shirts. And my moccasins, my sparis, and my converse. Then i heard my front door open and my best friend yell "tic-tac tipton im here" I ran down stairs and yelled "make it rain crane" then we hugged while we jumped up and down. We were so excited. Lindsey was wearing some light blue skinny jeans, sparkly gold converse, and a purple hoodie. She always wears some type of jacket or hoodie because she thinks she's fat and shes not! She had her hair down and straightened like always.

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