Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


11. "Works calling"

The lights were off but I could feel her body against me and the burning sensation. It was Lulu holding onto my waist her head against my back. It burnt slightly as it always had when she touched me. "Harry?" Her voice was a quite whisper I could barley hear. I turned around, her not letting go. She looked at up me now that we were facing each other. Her eyes looked saddened and her boy felt weak but not a single tear fell down her cheek. "I'm scared." She grabbed my shirt and pulled me down slightly as she stood on her tippy toes. Our nose's touched each others. I wanted I ask her what she was afraid of but our faces were so close I was breathless, heat running through my whole body. "It's time." She kissed me, our lips moving together perfectly. She bit my lower lip maybe a little to hard and then I moved lower sucking On her collar bone. After a minute she pushed herself away. "You shoudnt have gotten into it." She said while placing her hands on my shoulders and pushed me backwards tripping me until I hit the hard wood floor. My body ached in pain as I opend my eyes, I was lying on my bedroom floor while my blanket was still on the bed. I sighed and got up my head aching. I went into the bathroom and picked up my tooth brush to brush my teeth. As I put it up to my mouth I saw it. A a slight cut on my bottom lip from where Lulu had kissed me in my dream. It had to have been impossible right? I brushed my teeth quickly and then ran to get my phone. This had gone to far, I had to tell someone. Tell Louis. I called him waiting  for what felt like an eternity only to be greeted by his voice mail. He was probably still irritated about how I upset Eleanor for some reason. It didn't matter, I would see him any way because we had work today. We had to record some new songs and play around with the lyrics a bit. It was one of Niall's favorite days since he seemed to be the best out of us at helping fix the song lyrics. My phone rang and I saw it was Zayn. "Hello?" I said into the phone while pulling out some clothes to wear. "Hey man works canceled." I dropped my shirt on my dresser when I heard him say it. "How come?" I fell onto my bed confused. "Louis had to call off because he needs to drive Eleanor a few hours away today and she isn't really  functioning emotionally enough to drive herself. Niall is still at his moms because his flight got held up. There's no point with just the three of us going." The only sentence I heard was "Eleanor isn't functioning emotionally." I thanked him and hung up. Since Louis wouldn't answering to me and Eleanor was emotional I decided to call Lulu. The only person that might know what's up. "Hey Harry" Her voice sounded subtle and worried. "Are you ok?" I asked out of habit even though I just wanted to know about Eleanor and Louis right now. "It's just work, another stupid case." I could ear edginess in her voice. "Ok well , I was wondering if you knew whats wrong with Eleanor." I licked my lips as I tapped my foot on the ground, I was so impatient. "I don't know what your talking about." For some reason II could tell she was lying and she was a great liar according to her job reputation.  I heard a door open then the most obvious voice that I would have known anywhere. "Sorry I get here sooner." It was Louis. "I have to go, works calling." It was a lie, she wasn't at work she was with Louis. But why? And more importantly was Eleanor with them...
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