Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


6. Wide awake

I looked out the window one more time and then at my clock. Five in the morning I have been lying in bed for nine hours, awake. I got up and took a quick shower. I was clearing my thoughts when I remembered the beach party was today, the last ultimate free day for us boys before we began to do more interviews and photo shoots for our upcoming tour. After my hour long shower I decided to do an #askHarry for the Americans who always complained they were never awake when I did anything. I logged onto Twitter and said happy birthday to Demi Lovato real quick . Then I tweeted the fans. "Couldn't sleep, decided to do a quick #askHarry. Just tweet me your questions." Questions came flooding in. Ones like "What's you favorite: band, food, song, celebrity, etc... But I wanted a good one. "Why can't you sleep? Bad dreams?" I
Clicked on it to reply. "No, I don't mind bad dreams. My brain is just to busy thinking about other things" I replied to a few more and then went back to my feed. I saw one girls comment catch my eye. "That girl you were seen with the other day, Lulu I believe. Can't sleep either. She tweeted about it. " She had Lulus twitter name linked to it so I click on it. Sure enough she tweeted around fifteen minutes ago. It read "I love sleeping, it Must not feel the same way #wideawake" I laughed and retweeted it. Fitted my situation too. In around ten minutes my cell phone ran and I answered it seeing Lulus name flash across the screen. "Lulu?" I said mid typing an answer to a question on my twitter. "Hey, do you want to grab some early breakfast with me. Seeing as we both can't sleep." I smiled thankful she couldn't see how happy I really was. I agreed to meet her at Ihop in fifteen minutes sharp. I lived around ten minutes from Ihop so with five minutes to spare I answered a few last question for my #askHarry then logged off. When I got there we both walked up to the door simultaneously. I opened it for her and escorted her in. Her hair was up in a  bun with loose strands hanging in the back. It looked like she didn't brush it, but it looked hot. She still looked hot at Seven in the morning. We sat down quietly with only three other customers here it was dead silent. She smiled at me as the waitress handed us our menus. Every now and then I would catch her looking at me as we waited for our pancake meal to be served. Then she was staring. "Your staring Lulu." She shook her head and bit her lip. "Why couldn't you sleep Harry? You look fine so whats wrong." She sounded a little anxious and maybe a little scared. "I just couldn't sleep. I wanted to but just lied there awake for hours. Why couldn't you sleep." She looked at me horrified . "I didn't want to sleep. I was afraid to." She said it almost In a whisper like she didn't want to say it. "Why are you afraid?" I said as the waitress came with our food, sitting it down in front of you. "Remember how yesterday on our whatever that was you asked me if I dreamed about you? Well I said no but I do. And I'm hurting you in the dreams. All of them." 
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