Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


18. Twerk'in and workin

I opened the door and Niall immediately saw me. Today we had rehearsal for tour. We left in a week and needed to fit in the last of our practices.  "Everyone stand together." Our choreographer yelled and we stood next to each other on stage. Louis got really close to me and our shoulders were touching. "This close enough?" Our choreographer face palmed herself and pulled Louis away from me. "Alright guys, loosen up ok. Dance a little." I just stood there as the other boys did their own thing. "Harold?" I looked up at our choreographer and smiled. "Yes?" She raised her eyebrows and looked at me." Twerk off boys!" Liam started to twerk next to me and I immediately knew what was going on. "Come on Lilian.." I looked at her and she just gave me a stubborn look. "Do it Harry, your not focusing. Twerk it." She moved her hands as she spoke and so I did it. I started to twerk and couldn't stop laughing at Nialls attempt. I was laughing, I hadn't laughed  in about a week. "Alright stop." We all stopped and our choreographer Lily pointed to Zayn. "You didn't try hard enough, sing me your lines from Last first kiss." Zayn did as he was told and then she passes over Niall. "You are a terrible dancer, but E for effort." Niall was clearly proud of himself  and when she passed Louis she just smiled. Even though Louis was a boy, he could twerk. She stopped at me and pulled me out of line. "Go stand in the middle of the stage." I walked over there and she turned to look at me. I was ready to sing whatever , I didn't care if I lost the twerk off. "Tell me why your not focused Harry." My mouth closed and I looked at the other boys. All of their eyes were focused on me. "Lily, how does this have to do with the tour?" I began to walk back into line and she stepped in front of me. "You need to be able to focus during concerts." She pushed me back away from the other boys and threw a mic at me. "Say it into the mic Harry." I looked down at the microphone in my hands, I didn't want to do it. "Do I have to?" I looked at her and pleaded with my eyes. She nodded and looked at the other boys behind her. "Do it or you can go home Harry." I looked at her unbelievably. It was my business and only my business. "I'll go
Home them." I sat the microphone on the ground and slid it to her. She looked at me angrily and picked it up. "Management will hear about your behavior Harry." She said it as she bent down and picked up the microphone. I picked up my bag and walked off the stage. After a minute I heard Louis voice. "I know why Harry isn't focused." His voice blared throughout the concert hall. "He is in love with some girl, but she's dying and he can't save her. He feels useless." I turned and looked at Louis as he stood in the middle of the Stage. Lilian our choreographer no longer had a smirk on her face and she looked at me sorrily." Is that true Harry?" She jumped off the stage and began to walk toward me. I didn't speak but just nodded. I guess it was, I don't know if I'm in love but I do care about her. "Go talk to her about it." Lilian was close to me now, none of the other boys could hear us. "What?" I said it, my voice cracking under nervousness. "Have You told her you love her?" I shook my head and shrugged. "It's too early for that. Plus she's mad at well everyone right now."  I definitely didn't want to scare her off. Lilian laughed and shook her head. "She's a girl Harry, more important a dying girl right? It's never to early,  it's only to late." My voice was caught I'm my throat when she said it. Was she right? What if I never got the chance to tell her. We only had a week till tour left so I have to do it soon right? I just nodded, still unsure if any sound would come out. "Go get it straightened out and be here Thursday." She turned around and the other boys immediately started practicing vocals. I tightened the grip on my bag and walked out of the concert hall. I really wish I would have won the stupid twerk off.
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