Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


10. Triggering tears

As I drove home from the beach, my hair still damp I couldn't get Lulu out of my mind. Did she feel that shock of electricity that I did when we touched?Or was it just me? I didn't understand us at all. What if she doesn't even like me and just thinks I'm weird for having the same dreams as her. Sure she held my hand, but she clearly didn't feel the fiery connection we had. Most importantly I needed to understand my dream about Louis warning me. The only way to do that was to talk to him , in real life. I quickly made a u-turn almost hitting a few people. I called him first warning I was on my way over. I had to make sure because he was always in "the mood" after swimming. It would be terrible to walk in on him and Eleanor. I called their home phone this time instead of his cell. "Hello?" I could hear the irritation in his voice, as of I had interrupted something. "I'm coming over Louis, right now. No exceptions" I turned onto the street that he lived on and saw his house. "No Harry, not now" He growled into the phone. As I pulled into his driveway I honked my horn. "Get her dressed." I laughed and heard him say my name angrily before I hung up. I would have gone in but I knocked on his door to make sure they were ready. Eleanor answered ,her cheeked flushed and she wouldn't look me in the eye. "You didn't even go home to get dressed Harry." She was trying to change the subject we all had on our minds. "Where's Louis?" I said it as Nice as I could while still showing eagerness in my voice. I really needed to talk to him now. I turned around away from her gaze before she answered. Her arm touched my shoulder. "What is it you need to talk about." I heard Louis walking down his stairs so I began to walk toward him. "It's about Lulu." I said as she froze in place and stopped following me. "You think your so funny Styles." Louis said rolling his eyes and punching me playfully. "What's wrong with Lulu?" His smile disappeared and a wave of shock came over his face. "Wh-what?" I threw my hands in the air and furrowed my eyebrows. " Why shouldn't I be with Lulu." I'm sure to him a sounded like a lunatic because in reality he never actually talked to me about how bad she was, but Eleanor had. I sighed and turned around to see her just starring at us. "Why Eleanor? Why did you call me that day and tell me not to do it? Not to see her." Her face filled with sympathy. "I can't tell you Harry, it's not my place to give out Lulus secrets." Now I was just angry. It's like she told me to write a twenty page paper with no instructions. "Let me take a crack at it. Is it  because ever since her dad went to jail for no real reason instead of her guilty abusive boyfriend she has felt the need to send all her past lovers since then to jail?" Louis mouth practically hung open and Eleanor looked astonished at what I had said. "Thats not the reason." Louis said it quickly and harsh. Eleanor looked on the verge of tears. "What? Is that not true?" Louis grabbed my shoulders and pointed to his front door. "That's her job and I don't know how you know that. But that's not why you can't be with her, there's a bigger reason." Eleanor fell onto the couch crying as Louis began to comfort her. "What did I say that was so bad? And what do you mean her job?" If I had said nothing but the truth why was Eleanor crying? She looked up at me and took a deep breath. "She's an undercover lawyer she goes out with criminals so they fall in love with her and admit their secrets and crime to her." Well my latest dream just clicked but why was Eleanor crying. Before I could ask another question Louis was up pushing me fully out the door this time. "Goodbye Harry." I didn't really understand anything I got from that conversation. Other than it was her job to send her fake boyfriends to jail so I should be ok. Oh, and that her specialty is pretty much making people fall in love with her. So was I really in love, and why had that conversation triggered Eleanor so much? 
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