Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


37. The way to NY

"I can not believe I'm in front of you." A young girl around 16 said it nervously. I signed her iPod case and got a quick picture. We just finished a performance. I cant believe I have already been in America for two weeks. Performing was still a rush and I enjoyed myself. Louis about punched Liam in the face right in front of everyone and Niall did his famous jump despite the knee problems. At this moment I couldn't love my life more. I got onto the tour bus to see Zayn already in there. "What are you up to?" He was on his laptop, eyes glued to the screen. "I'm about to Skype Perrie. She's meeting up with us in New York since Little mix is there this week." We are going to be in New York tomorrow. "Yeah Louis told me Eleanor is heading down too. We always have a day off in New York." Zayn just Nodded and then I heard Perrie Voice through the computer. He put in headphones and leaned back on the couch. By now everyone was on the bus. "Good job tonight guys." The bus diver said and Closed the door. We are headed to New York. That gives me 9 hours to just think. It's the longest time I've been in the bus since we started.   I really didn't like thinking. I decided to talk to Louis. "Hey man, you excited to see Eleanor. What time is she getting in from the airport?" He looked up from his phone and smiled just thinking about her. "I'm excited to see her yes. I feel bad Danielle can't make it. Poor Liam." Oh yeah, I forgot about Danielle. She's has a busy job and x-factor is currently on tour with the latest winners. Danielle had to go be a backup dancer. "When does she come in? Are you getting her or are you sending a car?" He bit his lip and shrugged. "She's already there." I looked at him confused as Zayns laugh loudly entered my ears. I looked at him and he stopped. I looked back at Louis. "She's already there? Where is she staying?" He looked a little uncomfortable and shook his head. "I've got no idea. I can't get a hold of her to ask." He must have been uncomfortable because he was worried. "I'm sure she's fine Lou. " He nodded and then looked back at his phone clearly done with our conversation. I jumped up and walked over to the couch. Zayn looked really interested in his and Perrie's conversation. I looked at him smiling the whole time. Suddenly his face changed and he looked astonished. "You hung out with her? Why is she there?" He looked a little startled and said it loudly. I looked Over and saw Everyone else looking at Zayn too. Liam got up and walked toward him."Zayn are you ok?" He didn't even look at Liam. "I know Perrie, it's fine. I'm just surprised she's in New York."  I was interested then but his conversation died down quickly. I got really bored while noticing Louis stare at me concerned. I crossed my eyes and he just shook his head. "Well I'm going to bed guys" They all nodded as I walked back to my bed. I closed my eyes and drifted off as I prayed to not have a dream. But I did...

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