Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


9. The most simple gesture and touch

I drove behind Eleanor for about an hour before we made it to the beach. We were the last ones and I was still wearing my regular clothes. I'm sure there were dark circles under my eyes as well. I got out of the car and helped Eleanor carry stuff, catching Lulus eye. I carried the stuff to where we were set on the beach. Louis came in from surfing  to greet Eleanor. He looked at me after giving her a quick peck on the lips then he pulled me aside and walked with me to the bathrooms to change. "Whats wrong and what happened with the car?" I shrugged and looked at the waves crashing against the shore. "I ran out of gas and there's nothing wrong, I'm just tired." He bit his lip and looked at the girls behind us. "It's her isn't it?" I looked behind us even though I already knew he was talking about Lulu. "No, she's not a problem." I lied to Louis, the one person I never lied to Lulu had made me do it. "Harry I can't tell your interested in her, you two have a weird connection." I laughed and walked into a stall to change. "Yeah you can feel the awkwardness when we are near each other." I closed the stall door and slid my pants off. "No Harry, you can feel the lust." I Ignored his last sentence and just changed. We didn't talk the whole way back and I'm thankfully. I didn't know how to reply, I couldn't lie again. I do lust for Lulu I have interest in her. Her red tinted hair, beautiful brown eyes, shes beautiful and intelligent. I wanted to find the flaw but I couldn't. I hear what people say about her and my strange dreams but I can't see it myself. "Hey Harry" I bumped right into her almost knocking her over. "Oh, Sorry Lulu." She shrugged as she regained her balance. "Its cool, you just looked bad. Did you not get any sleep when you went home?" She had it, she had a dream like mine didn't she. She slept and saw the dream where Louis talks about her and now she wanted to know if I saw it to. "No I haven't slept at all since we talked." I lied again. Holy crap I'm a lying machine today. "Oh I'm sorry you couldn't sleep." She smiled and walked toward Niall and began to talk. He laughed loudly and stopped to look at her as she laughed.No, not Niall. She couldn't not drag Niall into this. "Hey Lulu, do you want to go for a swim?"  She agreed and walked with me. She stopped ankle deep in the water and I looked at her. "Are you coming?" I pointed to where Louis and Eleanor were talking in the water. "No, I should have just stayed with Niall." I grabbed her shoulder as she began to turn around. "It's not that cold." She laughed nervously and smiled at me. "It's not that, I'm afraid Harry." I asked her why and she told me how her sister drowned to death at the beach. She didn't cry though, she just looked sad. She turned back around but this time I reached for her hand and held it, intertwining our fingers. A weird spark shot up my body. This was such an innocent act, But it felt as if the entire world was in between my finger tips. We were connected by the most simple gesture and touch. She squeezed my Hand instead of letting go. I did it to say that I wouldn't let her drown, but I didn't mean to. I've been warned but by what I just felt, it's too late. Louis was right I've fallen to hard and too fast. I just hope she catches me. 
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