Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


36. Sorry

I wasn't sure what to say. I kind of just stood there and looked at her. I mean, I don't know what to say. What exactly was I supposed to say? Each second seemed to triple and my heart beat just got faster. "Well..." She looked at me angrily. She did just spill out her emotion to me and I just kind of stared at her. "Uhm...I'm sorry?"

It was a Statement but I said it as a question. Her mouth hung open. "Sorry.. That's all you have to say?" I felt so bad. I couldn't say anything because I didn't know how I felt. I didn't know if I wanted to get into a mess with her again but I think I still love her. I opened my mouth to speak but she interrupted me. "No ok. It's my fault. You just don't understand how hard it is. I don't trust anyone. My job was to keep my guard up. Not fall in love or trust anyone for three years. I broke it all down for you. I put my full trust in you. Yes I ran away but that night all I wanted was for you to come after me. But you didn't. Work was number one to you. You could come see me when you got back but it was too much work the first two months. Then the second time I watched you walk away. I just wanted you to turn around once. So I would know you cared. But you didn't. You drove right down that road. Then you acted like my friend. You stuck around only to remind me what I can't have. I can't do this Harry. It hurts. I can't be around you and not want to touch you in any way. I'm sorry that I care to much. What the hell are you sorry for?" I could see all the emotion in her eyes. No medicine would take away her memories. Only death or isolation. Her suicide plan didn't work and now he wants to isolate herself from me. It would be so easy right now. To just tell her I'm sorry for not being there. I'm sorry for not going after her and loving her as much as she deserved. That when i thought she died all i wanted was to trade my life for hers. But I couldn't say it. Not when I still truly thought it was her fault. It was her fault for leaving in the first place and not talking to me like a civilized person. "I, I'm sorry you feel that way."

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